I WAS IN LOVE (2018)

I fell in love,

With the brown earth,

The beautiful green trees,

Wonderful hills and mountains,

Precious water fountains,

Green fields,


I was in love,

With the language of my people,

Till I knew better,

I wanted more,

And everything turned,

From them

To me myself and I


I was in love,

With the idea of freedom,

The sounds of equity and equality,

It felt good to imagine social justice,

I wanted prosperity for my people,

Freedom to work, find food have life,

Freedom to marry,

I wanted to reward good

And rebuke evil

And they knew me loved me,

Believed in me,

Till I knew better,

And wanted for myself me and I


I therefore fell out of love,

Turned king with a bling,

I ruled instead of leading,


Turned the tables.

And became a devil.

With the face of an angel,

I made them pay taxes,

Used them for cheap labour,

And like a false prophet waggle my tongue,

Enough to enslave them,

And soon,

I was an enemy,

To the progress I wanted,

I suppressed the freedoms I fought for,

Became a master of double speech,

And proudly called myself a politician


I was in love,

With the brown earth,

Fresh fish from the lake,

I loved hunting game and the cheeky squirrels,

I loved the idea of service,

Till it got to me,

And I started writing policies

To cut down the trees,

To pollute the waters,

To sell my people to slavery,

While waggling my tongue,

Pretending to be a saint

I was in love,

Till I became a politician










Blame it on the Devil (2016)

Is it because he is voiceless?

That we see all bad in him,

Could it be that he is all bad?

Wasn’t he once an arch angel?

Or is he just a perfect scapegoat

We cheat lie and steal,

And blame it on the devil,

We envy and take the life of other,

And when asked,

We blame it on the devil,

The bad angel cast from heaven,


You sleep with your neighbor’s wife

But it is never your fault,

It is the devil,

You forcefully took a helpless woman,

But this is the devil,

You have sold a helpless child,

Still you see the devil in all these,


You have forgotten the creator,

You never go for prayer,

But you blame it on the devil,

The dark angel,

We lust,

Drink to a pulp,

Then, we say it is the devil,


We gossip,

And think evil,

Then we say it is the devil,

Corruption in Government,

Poor governance,

We pray to God to take away the devil,

Have we ever thought for a minute?

That the devil may have little to do with it,

When will we take responsibility?

For our faults and shortcoming,

When will we stop blaming it on the devil?







Ask Lwanda Magere ’ (2016)

I am sure you have heard of this,

I know you have been told,

“Think twice” they have said,

Especially when the deal is too good,

But if still in doubt, ask Lwanda Magere,

The great warrior of the Kano people,

With flesh made of stone,

He will tell you of the battles he won,

The thousands he fell,

Till he met the enchanting Nandi girl,

Who found her way into his nest

And into his breast,

And learnt that his strength,

As being in his shadow,

Today it is only but Kit Mikayi


Ask Samson,

The strongest man in the bible,

And he will tell you,

Of the philistines he fell,

A man who fought a lion with his bare hands,

Till he met the beautiful Delilah,

Her sparking eyes,

Concave shaped body,

He took her into his bed,

And his breast,

And she learnt that his strength,

Was all in his hair

Today it’s only a tale told.


Ask David,

The greatest king in Israel,

Brave as a shepherd boy,

Who fought of lions,

And fell the giant Goliath

Only to fall at the sight of a naked woman




Why not ask Solomon,

As wise as he was,

He couldn’t  keep it in his pants,

And down went his kingdom,


Ask Adam,

He will tell you of the good life,

And the good wife

“Flesh of his flesh” he said

Till he was made,

To feed off the fruit in the middle of the garden,

With that came,

The serpent’s bite,

The birth pains

And hatred in humanity


Ask Bill Clinton,

And he will tell you,

Of the jobs he created in America,

Of the many wars he stopped,

His Diplomatic achievement,

But he will also tell you of the amazing,

Monica Lewinsky,

A name that rocked his entire administration,



And you will be told,

That they are like Roses,

So beautiful,

And enchanting,

Yet they have thorns,

Poisonous thorns,

That can prick and kill



And you will be told,

That they are the waters in the well,

So Sweet and refreshing,

Yet can drown and kill,

They are the fire,

Burning with passion,

Yet they can burn,

Burn if you don’t run










Awino 2015

Awino went to “cook”

At a right prime age,

She was full of pride,

As she had remained a “good girl”

And kept all the teachings from her grandma,

But alas! He was a beast

From the East,

Who only saw an item,

He had acquired in his house,

After all,

He had paid a price,

A bride price


Awino went to “cook”

And she was happy,

As she was in love,

With the tall, dark, handsome one,

But alas!

The book and the cover were wide apart,

And she would soon

Be a punching bag,

And endure cold lonely night,

While he is gone,

To find another,


Awino tried to fry “Mbuta”

Sometimes “Ng’ege,”

Or even the sweet “Aluru”,

As she thought it was in the cooking,

But he only frowned at her,

Many times rejecting the food,

To him she was an item,

Acquired at a price,

A pride price


Awino gave it all,

She even gave him a boy,

And  girl,

But he spit at her,

Like She was a smelly toilet,

As to him she was an item,

An item he had bought,

At a price,

Bride price


Awino still washed his clothes,

Cooked his food,

Washed his feet,

Made his bed,

As she was a dutiful wife,

But he only saw a slave,

Someone he would bark at every morning,

He only saw an item,

He had acquired for his house,

At a price,

A bride price,


She couldn’t go back home,

As it would be a shame,

And she would bare the blame,

Of not being a good wife,

A dutiful wife,

And so she bares the pain,

And the tearless cry,

Of being a price,

A bride price


Born a Man (2017)

Born into a world tagged as a warrior,

To fight protect provide and procreate,

To till the land hard for food,

To sweat at every turn,

 As they never come easy,

Born to be gentle,

To let her have before you take,

Hold her hand through steps,

Let her always go before you,

Open the car doors for her

And treat her like a queen,


Born to praise her beauty,

To smile,

Laugh and show her the best,

To respect,

And always obey with no questions,

To lose arguments,

And always work to impress,

To desire,

Seek after and please her


Born to be sexual but not too sexual,

Do that and they call you a fisi,

Which would make them carcass,

Treat them nice,

And they will always be suspicious of you,

As someone who is always after something,

A predator after a prey,

Born as a liar,

A cheat

You will hear them say,

All men are the same,

But they easily forget,

Takes two to tango


Born to pay for maintenance,

And up keep

And they would loudly call you

Dead beat father

And remain tight lipped

Of the women who abandon their babies,

It is a life of twists,

A dilemma

To be born a man


My Truth 2017

I speak my truth today,

Raise my voice as loud as I can,

And say,

To hell with playing nice

And observing the vice,

I speak the truth,

And roll down all the stones,

And the bones,

For all to hear my voice,

All to hear my truth,

Uncouth and not smooth,

But the truth


I speak beyond gender,

Oh yes,

I said it,

The battle of the sexes,

Supremacy of the men and the women,

And where do we get?

Endangered girl child and now,

Boy child,

A stupid battle,

That has broken marriages,

And destroyed the moral fabric


The truth about corruption,

Greedy servants of the people,

Like cats feeding on their own kittens,

Bleeding the economy dry,

So as to get enough to vie,

Thieves in suites,

Eating from both sides of the mouth,

Oh I say it like I see,

My truth,

My countries truth,

My people’s truth,


 I speak of the stripes of tribe,

Thick in ‘em minds,

Foolish of course,

That it’s okay for a country

to fall,

As long as it’s one of their own,

It is okay for them to suffer,

As long as they have the power,

Thick not to see it all gone down,

Thick enough not to see ‘em being used

Thick not to see that the shelves in the shops are dry,

Thick enough,

Never to ask hard questions

Hate me or love,

I speak the truth,

My truth

Just because his name is Omar,

He has light skin,

And curly hair,

They call him a terrorist,

They make light of his prayers,

Just because they don’t get it,

Come on!

Let’s speak the truth,





There are always a few bad apples

Even within us,

I don’t need to convince you, do I?

Let’s give them a break,

It’s all about peace,

And the love of God,

And if ever we claim to love God?

We should be slow to judge,

And quick to love,


I speak my truth today,

Raise my voice as loud as I can,

And say,

To hell with playing nice

And observing the vice,

I speak the truth,

And roll down all the stones,

And the borns,

For all to hear my voice,

All to hear my truth,

Uncouth and not smooth,

But the truth




Love Me Too (2017)

Love me too,

Like I love you,

Cherish me,

Like I do you,

Hold my hand,

Like I always

Hold your hand

Hold onto my love

Like I hold onto your love

Please please

Love me too


Can’t you smile at me?

Like I do you,

Kiss me back,

When I kiss you,

Wish me a good day

When I wish you a good day,

Be good to me,

As I am good to you

Can’t please please please

Love me too

Just think of me,

As I think of you,

Dream of my love,

As I do dream of your love,

Feel me in your heart,

As I feel you mine,

Want me,

As I want you,

Please please please

Just love me too



Don’t make me cry,

As I will die before seeing your tears,

Don’t lie to me,

As your body will tell the truth,

Don’t do it for the Money

Because it may run out

Don’t live me for your friends,

As I will never be good enough,

Love for me,

Like I love you for you,

Please please please

Love me too