Sometimes many times,

I look to the blue sky,

And the white clouds,

And can’t help marvel,

At how good I have it,

A life with gold coins,

Wealth and lands

Car and brands

But would you love me anyway,

If I were a pauper on the street,

With nothing, not even my pride,



I look to your beautiful eyes,

Full of love,

Of joy and protection,

And I nod that I can give you the world,

But would you love me anyway?

If I couldn’t give you anything,

The rides and dinners,

And the class,

Sometimes and many times I ask,

Would you still read my poems with admiration?

Listen to me with conviction,

If not for my education,

And privilege in life,

Sometimes I wonder,

What If I were a cripple down the street,

Would you stop to look at me?

Would you still care of my feels?

Would you smile at me?


Sometimes I see how happy it makes you,

The chocolates on Monday,

And flowers on Wednesday,

Night-outs on Friday,

But what if I lived in the village,

With the sky my blanket,

And the lake my swimming pool,

Where my toys are made of mud,

Would you still love me?

Want to start a family with me?

Would you be proud to call me husband?

Sometimes I wonder




He comes out laughing.

Very playful,

Always happy

Sings and dances joyfully,

The child in me forgets evil,

And remembers only good,

As he doesn’t hold grudges,

He is inquisitive all right,

But creative too,

The child in me is full of love,

And he doesn’t judge

He often makes mistakes,

But he is very honest about them,

He doesn’t see people in color or tribe

In fact he always asks,

What makes us different?

The child in me dreams,

When he grows up

He wants to do the impossible,

He has no limits,

No boundaries,

He sees the beauty of God,

In the sun and moon,

He seeks out the stars,

And sings with the wind,

He is humble

As noble

He is not shy,

Not afraid to cry,

He knows of monsters,

But believes in good over evil,

How I love to see him,

The child in me


The sight of the land,





Of trees,



The beauty of the land,


Grand empty,



Rain lost,

The sky can’t boast,

As we are toast,

 Dry days

With no hey,


A beat,

Dry lands,

With no food,

So crude,


So painful,


The sun like a beast,

Ready for a feast,

No green,

And we can’t spin,


So Stubborn

As it is not as hot,

As it is cold


Water levels go down,

As animals and water life bow out

Cruel winds,



And Earthquakes,

Show their cruel faces

So painful


Elephant tasks,

Poacher’s masks,

Trail of dead lions,

White rhinos



Smelling cities,


Dirty waters,

And diseases


So painful

How we all look,

As it all falls apart

As we die from the inside,

We kill our God given earth,

For money?

Because of politics?

So…so painful


Please let’s keep it clean,

From one house to another,

For it does not hurt

Plant trees

And use clean energy,

May we love the gift of earth,

And realize its worth,

Conserve our wildlife,

And water bodies,

For its so painful


Ok I am here,

It’s not in my mind very clear,

But I am here,

As I prepare

To bury a man I knew not,

Because of a letter you wrote,

A man I never called father,

And for me you did bother,

As all I knew was my mother,

And brother,

But I am supposed to say goodbye,

As to myself lie,

That it my duty,

And it is a beauty,

To help you in peace rest,

Is it a waste?

Or is a test,

Bitterness in my mouth is the taste,

And empty thoughts of you,

Of you father I have no clue


They call you hero and that’s cool,

But I can’t remember you taking me to school

Is there a rule?

Or I can say that’s bull

Anyway, whats worse,

That I curse

Or that you were never there to nurse,

To teach me wrong from right,

Dark and bright,

When to fight

You were never there,

To my pain and successes share

My thoughts of you,

Like the colour of the sky, blue


I don’t remember you cuddling me to sleep,

Or wipe my tears I weep,

I didn’t see you in any of my birthdays,

And went by the nights and days,

As I yarned to know my father,

Braved the weather,

Of teenage with pain in my heart

As you thought it was smart,

To stay away,

Yes Dad, these are my thoughts of you today

















Please stay quiet as she comes,

Least she hears you questions ask,

She, the African woman today,

Build with the fabric of confusion,

To do whatever a man can do,

Left Right, left right, left wrong,

For she says she is strong,

Her name is Reginalda,

And she is not new to the game,

Neither does she have a little shame,

She says she does need a man,

But picks up the little boys,

And toys,

Her name is Reginalda,

And she is the modern day African woman,

I heard that black is no longer beauty,

Tint she calls it,

Supreme yet bothered by skin color,

And of course

 Cosmetic broadening of some parts of her body

Make up and break ups

Is her philosophy,

Reginalda is her name,

And she has a claim,

Opening up the political doors,


She can do whatsoever a man can do,

Yet her womenfolk remain the same,

School girls still miss school for lack of towels,

Early marriages still roar behind the scenes,

Domestic violence still breathing,

The wind of FGM still blowing

As Reginalda wines and dines in parliament,

The modern educated African woman she is,

Why cook when she can buy,

Why walk when she can fly,

All men are evil and bad,

They cheat I guess,

But remember,

Reginalda can do whatsoever men do,

Better than they do

Therefore ask your questions,

And seek your answers






























When in doubt,

Look at the beautiful sky,

The sunrise,

The clouds as they slowly move

And remember,

That I will always love you


When in doubt,

When feel so cold,

When you feel lonely.

And it is dark,

Look at the sky,

When the moon shines,

And remember our times together,

The games we played,

The songs we danced to,

Remember my love for you


When in doubt,

Because they envy you

And tell you of other women.

Tell you that I am not right,

Remember the nights we stayed awake,

And the days we stayed in bed,

Remember our laughter,

And the good times we have had,

Remember my promise of love

When in doubt,

As the distance is too great,

And you are losing faith,

Just look at the birds,

And remember the first day we met,

When I was young and scared,

And you were so pretty,

Remember how I mumbled,

And you smiled shyly with butterflies

In your stomach,

And know that it was the best day of my life


When in doubt

And you can’t see away out

Please remember,

That I love you,

Like a Dolphins love the sea,

Like the bees love the flowers,

And the wolves love the moon

I love you,

As Romeo loved Juliete

And Bonnie loved Clyde


Curled in my bed,

Eyes tightly shut,

Glued to my blanket

Hiding from myself,

But mostly from my step Mom,

From her red hot eyes,

Her hard stare,

And scare,

Her cruel loud words,

Tearing my heart to pieces,

Breaking my self-esteem,

I groan with disgust,

As I hear the cock crowing,

And birds chattering,

Another cold morning,

Believe it or not,

I have to wash the whole house,

Cook breakfast

Wash utensil

Before I can dare go to school,

While she enjoys her sleep


I dare not ask for lunch money,

As I risks being kicked like a stray dog,

In the evening

I will dine with the cats in the kitchen,

While she sits with father and her children

She says I am dirty,


And an worthy,

Just because I am not,

One of her children,

And I can’t help but ask

Does she have a conscience?

And what about my Dad?

Mummed by her thighs

Gives a side look,

To all my suffering,

Corporal punishment and labour,

My cold mornings and late nights,

The name calling,

Depression and my tears,

And fears of My Step Mom