Love Me Too (2017)

Love me too,

Like I love you,

Cherish me,

Like I do you,

Hold my hand,

Like I always

Hold your hand

Hold onto my love

Like I hold onto your love

Please please

Love me too


Can’t you smile at me?

Like I do you,

Kiss me back,

When I kiss you,

Wish me a good day

When I wish you a good day,

Be good to me,

As I am good to you

Can’t please please please

Love me too

Just think of me,

As I think of you,

Dream of my love,

As I do dream of your love,

Feel me in your heart,

As I feel you mine,

Want me,

As I want you,

Please please please

Just love me too



Don’t make me cry,

As I will die before seeing your tears,

Don’t lie to me,

As your body will tell the truth,

Don’t do it for the Money

Because it may run out

Don’t live me for your friends,

As I will never be good enough,

Love for me,

Like I love you for you,

Please please please

Love me too

Poem for the Poet

Tomorrow, the sun will rise,

And it will not be a surprise,

As you will write about the politics

And the Economics


Write on the philosophy

And theology,

You will think of love

And a curve


You will see the world in your words,

Teach the lads,

Write about the sun,

And the clan


I know you will move back and forth,

From south to North,

East to west,

From the worst to the best


You will write about the beauties,

And the naughties,

You will inspire,

Those who require.



You will write and spite,

Yet in others delight,

Write on the law,

And the snow


But then they ask,

That you take off the mask,

They say it’s easier said than done,

And that for you it’s just fan



Amanda is the custodian of her culture,

And from the grandma takes the lecture,

She’s taught the value of virginity,

For that’s the measure for her dignity.


Amanda drops out of school for her brothers,

And to her parents that’s no bother,

She only has to know how to cook and tender,

And to please her husband with splendor.


Marriage at sixteen is not a question,

They call that her position,

Is it not an ugly beauty?

That they should all feel so guilty.


Amanda’s husband considers her a punching bag

He says she does nag,

Does she need to be circumcised?

For her  to be localized.


What about the horrific rites that binds a widow?

That she ll face in her husband shadow,

A hard polygamy is never at fault,

But for Amanda would face the volt.


How long will they carry this cross?

Amanda why can’t you strive to be your own boss?

Fight the cultural inflicted discrimination,

And show the way for the others in the nation.


Leadership is not her place,

For she doesn’t have the pace,

She always has to be subjective the laws,

Just to avoid the loss.


Amanda you to fight,

Have the courage not the fright,

There is a long way you have to go,

For equity  and fairness to flow








They Always Fight 2017

They always fight,

Sometimes deep in the night,

Other times at drawn,

In the mornings,

And Afternoons,

Mom  kicking,

While Dad like a drum beating,

And that’s only when it gets physical,

Many times they fight with words,

Not the good kind,

Mom calls him a dog,

And Dad calls her a bitch

For the life of me I can’t get it,

Two people who once loved,

Now hate,

Two people who shared,

Now do not care,

They have thrown it all away

And with it bits and pieces of me,

As I tremble with fright,

Every time they fight

I feel the pain,

Every time they strain,

But still, they always fight


They fight,

Sometimes even before strangers,

We are a laughing stock,

 A misfit I am

Because Mom and Dad

Who can’t seem to agree on anything,

Even the colour of the sky,


They once loved,

Saw delight in each other

Shared vows

Today, they neither share,

Or dare to share

They have thrown it all away,

For punches, kicks,

And shouting and tears,

Taking away my smile

And happiness


I have to go to court,

Dangled like a pendulum,

For a choice

Either to go with Dad and his new wife

Or stay with Mom and

Earn her millions,

And so again they fight,

Painting a dark picture of each other

Tearing down the good we had

Without a care in the world,

Of the cross I have to carry,

Of the tears I never asked for,

Just because they always fight




























  1. He dwells on the streets,

Not strong enough to stand on his feet,

Hostility is all he meets,

For he’s the town beggar


  1. Kids run away from him,

The men look at him so keen,

The women snare at him so green,

He is the town beggar.


  1. He’s a friend to the cold,

Lonely and very old,

A man, whose story has been told,

For he’s a town beggar.


  1. He doesn’t know how to pray,

And remains mute with nothing to say,

He looks up for the little ray,

For he is a town beggar.


  1. Today he got some coin,

His friends have to join,

The money won’t be enough for the groin,

He is the town beggar.

  1. He knows someday he will go to the dust,

That does at least quench his thirst,

His painful belly hugging about to burst,

For he’s a town beggar


  1. His eyes consume in fire,

Many call him a lazy liar,

He does sleep in a tire,

For he is a town beggar.


  1. His food comes from the tins,

Or from the hotel bins,

This would make his head spin

He is the town beggar.


Open my eyes lord,

To swim with my fins like a toad,

Open my eyes,

In you there are no lies,

Open my eyes lord,

I’d love to see your creations beauty,

As thy hand is never faulty,

I’d love to see your blessings rain

As your glory too reign,

Open my mind,

And let thy word in me bind,

The sea land and mountain all in thy hand,

Open my heart,

With thy love guide every beat,

Give me the desire lord my best to give,

And faith in you word in you to believe.