I was once a little boy,

Sucking my tiny thumb,

With nothing to live for,

Other than the noise, the toys and the voice,

Of my father, cuddling me to sleep


But today a man with a beard,

And a dream,

With a wife and a life,

With the ups and downs


I was once a teenage boy,

With nothing to think of,

Other than the girls of my youth,

So beautiful,

They nourished my days,


But today a weary old man,

Though I keep the smile I know,

That those days are gone,

Never to come back


I was one a fetus in my mother’s womb,

Protected loved not exposed,

But today I will cry as I come to this world,

They say it’s the original sin


I was once a life,

Could walk, talk, breath,

I made mistakes and corrected them,

Did the bad and good


But today as I go down my grave,

I know these days will never come again,

As my friend and family weep,

They know it is the last of me,

But do they have anything to celebrate?

Anything of me to remember?



The dance goes like this,

The man comes with bliss,

And takes the lead,

Then the lady graciously follows with speed.


Then the shift and the drift,

And the lift,

The twists and turns,

The bends and runs.


In all these, it takes two,

The steps and the bodies glue,

Together they have to be,

Together they have to see


And such is in life, to strive,

So alive,

Together we have to hold,

We have to mould.


It takes two to kiss,

 Two to miss,

Two jaws to bite,

Two eyes for sight


We need two legs to walk,

And two hands for the clock,

Hack! There is good and evil,

Just as there is God and the devil


And so do I need your hand my love,

To hold into mine my little dove,

Your breath for mine to take,

As love we make.


Would you accept this ring?

That with my fidelity I bring

A yes would be the sound as sweet as the Bango!

And together, always together, as it takes two to tango.







All I have is my life,

Please don’t take it with the knife,

I know am not wanted,

But did I ask to be planted?


Mother what might be my sin?

That I should be thrown in that dirty bin,

Am I not a blessing from the creator?

Maybe to you, an intruding creature.


Mother, think and stay still,

I know it’s not your will to kill,

I am your flesh and blood,

Don’t get to the sinful flood


Mother, it doesn’t make you happy,

That doctor is also very clumsy,

Mother, all these make me cry,

And you might even die.


Is it that you have a heart of stone?

Mother, I deserve to be born,

You can never tell my fate,

My love might take away the hate.


I cry for the many, who don’t have a choice,

Those with no voice ,

As they face the unjust claws,

And ask for the laws.




Am I a lion the jungle king?

With pride each day towards my prey I spring,

 I roar with life like water from a spring,

Honor and pride to my kind I bring.


Am I an Eagle who sores so high?

Many I know think it’s a lie,

But most admire and some even try,

I don’t care even if they pry.


Am I   the kitten ever so playful?

I live life ever so graceful,

Aggressive and very tactful,

My friends the humans call me careful.


Am I the hare? I trick and learn,

Always wait for the right turn,

With my wits mine enemies burn,

And the world I do stern.


Am I the tortoise? As slow as the crescendo,

My principle “polepole ndio mwendo”,

I never care about other people’s innuendo,

They only speak with no vitendo.


Whoever I Am,

The best of me is yet to come,

For the beat of mine drum,

I will always remain so calm.


  1. The word is SORRY,

May not bring of glory,

But in itself it heals,

And cleans the dirty heels 

  1. The words THANK YOU,

Take a bad away the bad flu,

And brings a smile to ones face,

As that’s always the case,

  1. The word is PLEASE,

You don’t have to go on your knees,

And you will get all you desire,

 So don’t put your heart on fire

  1. Three magic words, YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL,

And your time will be fruitful,

She will know that you deserve,

And time of your life you will have.

  1. To all say WELCOME,

For with all the blessings they will come,

Peace is all to look for,

Not for the fall, but for the four,

  1. It’s always a pleasure to say NICE DAY

Or ALL THE BEST as your face won’t be grey,

Only that, makes all fine,

That’s all important line

  1. Just say EXCUSE ME,

No one will flee,

In peace they all shall be,

And feel their spirits so free

  1. These are the GOLDEN WORDS,

That we should teach our lads,

To have a prosperous future,

And so beautiful a nature.