I went to grandma’s hut,

One look and she got off the mat,

Then as if taking a study

Asked, is she a woman or a lady?


Was it about her age?

I felt like a lion in a cage,

Not knowing what she meant,

But careful, my image wouldn’t dent


So I moved closer to the wise,

And was sure it would be nice,

Then she said, a lady is smart

She doesn’t sit with her legs apart?


A real lady is kind,

And would listen as your mind you as you wind.

She is patient and loving,

Wouldn’t leave her man starving


Then she asked, is she careful with her words?

A lady is not all about the bugles giggles and stards,

Not about the paint so faint,

She would have their reputation taint


She is slow to Anger,

And also to hunger,

She wakes the first,

And hates the dust


Her food cooked to precision.

She is sound in every decision,

Not afraid to crack her back,

A smile on her face she will never lack


The way she walks swift,

One look would give you a lift,

Does she shout?

A true lady does not doubt


Then she took a long pause

Scratched her nose,

And then asked is she a woman or a lady?

I laughed as was now ready.






I promised the proverbial milk and honey,

And days not cold but sunny,

I promised a water fall in a land so arid

And hope to the many so worried,

But it was a myth,

And so I plead the fifth


Freedom freedom I called,

The rhetoric I told,

The speech,

For the poor and the rich,

I was an advocate before a judge,

And so I ask you to have no grudge,

As my promise was a myth,

And so I plead the fifth


Education with dedication, I said,

To your weakness I prayed,

When called for I played tribe,

But many times I smiled with a bribe,

And if it got down to the teeth,

I would plead the fifth


I was a pastor before a congregation,

All I did was reconstruction,

I had to make you smile,

And so perfected the style,

Yet I knew all these was a myth

Today I plead the fifth


When you put me on the stand,

I will not defend my brand,

I will lie through my teeth

Or plead the fifth,

Yet as blind as a bat you will never see,

And never be free


The goose and the golden egg,

Yet for food you beg,

When you trade your power for tribe,

Or bribe,

I will wait,

For you to take the bait,

And so goes the a myth,

I will plead the fifth

















I imagine it all green,

Creamy and very clean,

A land of milk and lots of honey,

With plenty of gold silver and money,


I hope it isn’t dry,

Guess we won’t have to cry,

A land with no sorrow,

And no worries for tomorrow,


On the other side is there hatred?

Or dependence on fates thread,

Oh yes plenty of joy,

You may never need the toys


I imagine there are no wars,

Or even the need of laws,

But is there blame?

Or even share?


Do people get hungry?

Do they on the other side disagree and get angry?

When my days on earth come to an end,

Happy days on the other side hope will spend.


  1. Did I say love?

You are all I have,

Without whom I would starve,

For you my Amina am here to serve


  1. Rehema my coastal beauty,

The one so fruity and juicy,

I do feel so guilty,

For I don’t deserve that cutie.


  1. The future is bright,

Khadijah your love is so right,

For you I cry all night,

Would you take care of my plight?


  1. Halima you are my pillar

For you I’d even be a killer,

And faithfully your driller,

I even don’t mind being called a failure.


  1. Sweet Sandra there is hope,

For our love let’s elope,

Without you I wouldn’t cope,

And my heart beat would stop.


  1. Remember the sweet love we made in March,

Lovely Zainabu lets go for lunch,

Then make out during branch,

For I can’t wait for your soft touch.


  1. Oh my beautiful Mary,

I will take you to the ferry,

So that we can make merry,

Just as we say “I do” and marry.