Don’t Bother

I know the day will come,
And I will lie silent and lifeless,
And many will weep,
But don’t bother,
If you didn’t weep with me in life,
You will make no difference in death,
As I will be gone,
And it will be just a waste of your tears,

I know the day will come,
My last ceremony in life,
And my loved ones will gather to say goodbye,
But don’t bother come to the funeral,
If you were too busy to visit me in life,
There will be no need to visit me in death,
As I will be gone
And it will all be a waste of your time,

I know the day will come
And I will go to the other side,
And many will come to pay respect,
But don’t bother coming to pay respect,
Or carving out stones, naming children, roads,
Or cities in my honor,
If you were too arrogant to show respect,
Or honor me in life,
It will just be hypocritical,
As I will be gone,
And will no longer need your respect,
Or honor

I know the day will come,
That I will be put in a box,
And I will be lifted to the grave,
But don’t bother,
If you were too busy to lift me in life,
Don’t carry my body in death,
For I will be gone,
And it will be useless

When the day comes,
Don’t waste your words praising me,
If you had no time praising me in life,
Don’t even take time to drink at my funeral,
If you couldn’t take time to drink with me in life,
Why buy food at my funeral
Yet in life you let me starve
Why buy me a suit to put on in my coffin,
Yet in life I had no clothes to wear?
Don’t bother giving your money to my family,
If in life you couldn’t help me when I needed

I know my day will come,
To go back and answer for my deeds,
And my loved ones will feel sad and lonely.
But I urge you not to bother,
Giving your condolences,
Showing your kindness love and affection,
If in life you were never kind,
If you didn’t take time to love me,
Or care for me
For I will be gone,
And it will be just a waste of affections

Why pray for my lifeless body,
Yet you took not time to pray for me in life,
Why are you so good to me now?
Yet in life you didn’t give me a time of day?
Don’t bother,
As I will only laugh at you
Please please don’t bother,
When the day come,
And I am put on the ground,
Why come with flowers to my grave,
When you never bothered to buy them for me in life?
Be sure I will not need them,
And I will not need you,
So please,
If you didn’t bother with me in life,
Don’t bother with me in death




From dawn to dusk,
I work on my God given task,
I refuse to sit watch and bask,
But put on the gloves and mask,
I will take the courageous stride,
The firm but painful steps of pride,
I know it’s a very bumpy ride,
But will walk looking at my side
Careful not to slip and slide,
Darkness I know may come,
But I have to remain firm,
For tomorrow the sun will rise,
And though I might stumble and fall, I ll rise,
For I am a determined soul,
Determined to my call.

The Hand of a Tyrant Once in our prestigious land,
A man came with a tyrannical hand,
Soon the righteous wouldn’t stand,
For he was a new but horrible brand.

2. “Footprint” was the rule,
And he was not a fool,
The ironic hand was his tool,
So we had to be very cool,

3. His spoken word was law,
He was all above the law,
To a few he would open the door,
And he took all he could to the store.

4. In detention without trial he was the best,
Many he caught with his ugly nest,
He didn’t eve care for the rest,
All he did was to invest.
5. He reign came with the famous” tea pot,”
And he said it wasn’t to be fought,
The villains could not be caught,
And the issue never put on spot,

6. With blood he stained the grounds,
The cries of the innocent was all the sounds,
Our jails filled with those who aren’t jail bounds,
We even forgot about the freedom sounds.

7. His days then came to a sudden end,
But we still remember the days in the cold we spend,
Our brave brothers and sisters a hand we must lend,
And stand tall our land to defend.

Tik Tok

It’s the determined sound of the clock,

Never stop could vanish as smoke,

So every day work on your flock,

And count thy flock.


You don’t need to be told,

That the clock isn’t shy but bold,

Use the time the good to mould,

Before the clock stops and you get cold,


The clock the difference it makes,

The clock the small and the mighty it shakes,

With the clock you either make or break,

The youth in you day by day it takes.


Time turns into seasons,

Time gives no reason,

Time in it we are in prison,

Time is neither medicine nor poison.


Tic toc with the time we grow,

Judges whether we are fast or slow,

With time we get to know,

Time is what it is as we may show.








Had the speed of an Antelope,

The accuracy of a cobra,

With the jump shots, lay ups and box outs,

Was good on the free throw line,

But couldn’t make the team,

Wasn’t the cream?

As I was not good enough


Are you good enough?

I saw you dance,

The twists and turns,

Perfect steps,

And you were magical,

And beautiful,

Yes you were good,

But not good enough


They called him Tony,

Tony Clement

And He had it all,

The voice, the looks and stage presence,

And knew the words by heart,

And they nodded as he was good,

But not good enough


She obeyed,

And worked Hard,

Was the best in class,

And the number one athlete,

She just wanted to be a good child,

And make her parents proud,

But they said she was “just a girl

And though she was good,

She wasn’t good enough


He loved her so much,

He cherished her with the little he had,

Gave her attention,

Never missed her birthdays,

He was a gentleman,

And though he was good,

He was poor,

And so, wasn’t good enough for her


She was a wife,

A good wife,

She washed his clothes,

Cooked his food,

And gave him a beautiful boy and a girl,

And he says she was good,

But not good enough for him


Are you good enough?

How many times have you heard?

That you are not good enough?

Many doors may have been closed,

Eaten a bit into your soul,

But remember,


Jacob wasn’t good enough,

But he became Israel.

Abraham wasn’t good enough,

Yet he became father of the Jews

Moses was not good enough,

But he led the Israelites from bondage,

Joshua was not good enough,

But led the Israelites into Canaan,


David was not good enough,

But he became King,

Samuel may have not been good enough,

But was called by God,

Mary was not good enough,

But she is the mother of God,

Mathew wasn’t good enough,

Yet he became a disciple


You may not be good enough,

But one day you will get there,

In the eyes of God,

You are good,

Good enough