If Colors were People

1. What if colors were people?
Grey would be such a man,
Quiet neat and smart,
Calculating and alert.

2. Pink ,would be a pretty little girl,
Bright with a smile,
The beautiful angel that makes your day,
Each day for her you would pray

3. Purple, would be a royal prince,
A gentle wise man royalty in advance,
A man who dines with the kings,
And in his fingers holds the rings

4. Red, would be the beautiful lady,
A woman for the runway not shoddy,
She’s the star in the heavens,
One who would give you the sevens and elevens

5. If colors were people,
Blue would be the lad with a dimple,
With life he sprouts,
Never I n doubt
6. White, would be the man wise and old
But warm and happy not cold,
He would be so peaceful,
Graceful and grateful

7. Would black be so bad?
Maybe I say sad,
Or maybe he would be a man so simple,
If colors were people


In Africa (2016)

In Africa,
We used to eat fresh corn,
And get proteins from birds,
Fresh fish and game meat,
We used to hunt for squirrels in the bushes,
And pick wild fruits for vitamins,
We get food chemically preserved,
We have them genetically modified,
We get the easy fix,
Already cooked meals
Straight off the shelves,
Easy right?
Yet we never ask
Why cancer keeps knocking on our doors,
Yet we never ask,
Why our lives span gets shorter and shorter
Are we better or worse?

In Africa,
We used to sit round the fire,
And talk to eat other,
We would share our challenges
And exploits,
We have face book and twitter,
Social network they call them,
The world is a global village
Easy right?
So we don’t talk but type and text,
We don’t really care but post and like,
Yet we can’t see,
That we have grown apart from those we love,
Yet we can’t see,
That with these gone is our creativity
Are we getting better or worse?

In Africa,
We had fathers and sons,
Daughters and mothers,
It took a village to raise a child,
One big happy family,
We have uncles and aunts,
Nephews and nieces,
We have step-mothers
And a child belongs to his parents,
It’s a capitalistic society,
Few children, less mouths to feed,
Fewer children to take to school,
And less baggage,
Easy right?
Yet we can’t see that we live with no joy,
Only ambition and desire for success,
Are we getting better or worse?

In Africa,
We took time with the young ones,
Taught them the good and bad,
The taboos,
Around the fire place,
They were told the ogre stories and folklore,
They were punished for wrong,
And rewarded for good,
We go to work,
Too busy to guide our children,
Both father and mother have to work
Six months of breast feeding,
And it’s all up to the house help,
And the day cares
And the teachers
Easy right?
Yet we complain,
That the moral fabric is broken
Can’t we see that?
That our children are flying solo?
With only a curriculum to rely on
Because of a capitalistic society,
Are we getting better or worse?

In Africa,
Children molded toys,
Played with sticks,
Hide and seek,
The round games,
They sit on video game,
Call them need for Speed,
They take time in television,
Easy Right?
Yet we complain of no creativity,
We complain of a poor reading culture,
Are we getting better or worse?

In Africa,
Our women were the home makers,
They would cook
And take care of everyone else,
A woman’s pride was her children
They abandon children by the roadside,
And ask their fathers to take them,
They prefer being fertilized like cows,
As they compete with men for space,
Are we getting better or worse?
Did we throw the baby with the bath water?
As we searched for civilization.