For Our Men and Women in Uniform (2016)

I write for our men and women,
Our men and women in uniform,
I write to praise their patriotism,
Their love for our country,
The service they give,
I write for our men and women in uniform,

I write for our soldiers,
Who have sworn to protect our motherland,
Who have taken bullets for our territory,
Who have faced bombs for our people,
I write for the soldier,
Who ensure there is peace in our country,
I give praise to our men and women in uniform,

I write for the platoon leader,
Who is diligent at work,
I honor the pilot who goes in the fighter jets,
I write for the Navy man,
Protecting our seas,
I write for the captain and lieutenant
And thank him for the good work
I write for the men and women in uniform

I speak for the police officer,
Who has stood between me and the thieves,
Who has made the streets clean for me to walk,
I salute the police officer,
Who has taken bullets for his country,
Who has goes before dangerous crowds to bring order,
I write for our men and women in uniform
I write to appreciate the law abiding officer,
Who takes time to investigate,
And secure a conviction,
I salute the officers,
Who protect life and property,
I write for the men and women in Uniform

I write for the men and women in uniform,
Who have taken the ultimate sacrifice,
Those who died in the line of duty,
Those who have left their families and friends,
I write to say thank you.

I only ask you to keep doing the good work,
I ask that you honor the Uniform,
I ask that you keep up the sacrifice and patriotism,
I urge you to root out the few bad apples,
As I write this for the men and women in Uniform.

Poetry in Prose 2017

Poetry written in prose,
With paragraphs in for stanzas,
Sentences replacing the lines,
And a persona losing to a subject
So is our beautiful culture turned to filth,
Selfishness extravagantly finding its way,
White is now black,
Day now night,
And our pride gone with the tide,
As poetry is now written in prose,

Have you seen?
Poetry written in prose?
Yes we lose the beauty of rhyme,
And poetic license,
To the vigor’s of grammar,
As we soil the clean towels of culture,
And contend with the dirt,
Why wife inheritance?
When something ones clean,
Is now a heap of filth,
Something so beautiful,
Now turned ugly,
Only used to exploit broken windows,
A beautiful poem written in prose

I am sure you must have heard,
The paternalistic need for the “cut”
To keep a woman from “wondering”,
But are we true?
Or we lie to ourselves so convincingly,
Turning beauty into ugliness,
Why FGM?
When we know the risk,
Of the fix,
Like a poem written in prose,
Without alliteration,
Having lost similes,
An Ugly beauty,
A beautiful poem written in prose

Maybe you may have seen,
Poetry written in prose,
Out goes personification, and metaphors
For the giant hands of subject verb agreement,
As we tear the veil,
And marry of the young,
Keep to the barbarism of domestic violence,
All in the name of culture,
But are we true?
When all these only tear the fabric of society,
We need not punish the weak to be strong.
Yet another beautiful poem.
Shadowed in prose

Let’s not turn poetry into prose,
Let’s not throw the baby with the bath water,
Let keep the culture, pure
As it was meant to be,
Beak the shackles
And keep the truth
As poetry should never be in prose

A complicated thing (2015)

That which makes a girl blush,
In a flash,
And a boy spring,
Like a puppet in a string,
A complicated thing,
That makes a man look for a ring,

It is a complicated thing,
That to you, fate will bring,
That which makes your heart skip a beat,
And gets you off your sit,
A beautiful thing,
Yet sometimes it stings,
Like a wild rose flower,
With her beauty but also the power,
To prick and make you bleed,
With speed,

Love is a complicated thing,
The joy it will bring,
And the pain of a heart break,
All these is at stake,
Binds a child to a mother,
And a sister to a brother,
A powerful thing,
But emotions of weakness it will bring,
As it makes men cry,
And women lie

That which makes men go to war,
And women to open the door,
Brings a child to the world,,
And exposed Jesus to the wild,
Love is a complicated thing,
And so is life, I sing