Listen to this Poem

Listen to this poem,

Please cup your hears and listen,

He is rambling again,

Like John the Baptist in the desert,

Only that he is on a stage,

With a microphone in hand,

He asks you not to discriminate,

But to illuminate,

The path of the sightless,

He only wants us to guide them,

Help them grow,

And see the vision,

To help them believe,

 So please let’s listen,

And not just hear


Hey, listen to the poet,

As he slowly narrates this poem,

The lines and the stanzas will rhyme in time,

But listen,

He is talking of the “crippled’

Do they have to beg on the streets? He asks,

Why can’t we accommodate them?

They crawl like snails on their belly.

Yet we say “disability is not inability”

Where are the rumps?

Yet we claim to have leadership in parliament,

They can’t get education,

Yet we claim to have rights within the Constitution,

And so listen and the poet will tell you,

With the Lamentations of Prophet Jeremiah he pleads

That you listen to this poem,

And to the cry of the “crippled”



Please listen to this poem,

Is it a crime to be born without speech?

The poet says it’s no choice

To lose your voice,

He says they can speak,

If Only we listen,

And spoke to those with speech impairment,

And became keepers to our brothers and sisters,

Yes we ought to,

But only if we listen,

Listen to this poem


Please pay attention,

Don’t shout at him,

Just be keen,

And you will notice that she can’t hear you,

Be kind,

And mind,

Show her love,

I bet you can learn her language,

Her beautiful language,

Her sign language,

And still listen,

As you listen to this poem,

Show compassion

And accommodate

And in the words of James,

Avoid the rhetoric with no Actions



And he will tell you this tale,

Of the little boy born with Albinism,

He could speak like we do,

Laugh, cry, jump,

But they still looked at him,

With the eyes so green,

And so the poet asks that you listen,

And be compassionate.

Like the Samaritan woman,

Show concern,

And be blind to the color,

Give them a place

And a chance,

And listen… please listen


To be continued….