Walked that Path (2014)

A tale is told,

The story unfold,

Of  children in cold,

The young and the old not bold,

As they have walked that path,

Seen the wrath,

And the worth,

Of death at birth,


A tale is told,

Together they hold,

In the dirty blankets they are rolled,

Cold still cold,

As they heard the gun shot,

And a life was cut short,

With a doubt not,

Seems like every breath is bought,


A tale of war,

Not snow,

A very little door,

They sore so low,

As they have seen the blood,

The flood,

The angry lads,

So Sad


They have walked that path,

Seen the wrath,

Known the worth

Of life and death,

Their bellies so empty,

Yet they came from the land of plenty,

And they used to be weighty,

But now they depend on the shanty


They have lived in tears

And fears

As the militia killed their peers,

They drain their sorrows so clear,

 For they have walked the path,

Seen the wrath,

And the wroth,

Of life and death,


There houses are no more,

All gone with the war,

And just for show,

It is politics at the core,

And they have walked the path,

They have seen the wrath,

And the worth,

Of life and the breath,


But why should people die?

Why do we lie?

Must we let the politicians our dignity buy?

Can we see that we will always cry?

And walk that path,

See the wrath,

And the birth,

And death




My Letter to President Obama (2017)

Ni aje Msee?

Or maybe I should say Aje Mzee?

I write to ask,

That when done with your task,

Of president of America,

Please come over to Africa,

Not to lead,

But come and their minds feed,

Come and teach,

And maybe like in America you may them reach,

I ask,

That After you unmask,

Come and tell Kenyans to let go of tribe,

And bribe,

By bribe I mean corruption,

A norm in this Nation,

I mean how much will we lose?

And still snooze,

Millions and millions gone,

Billions and billions of public money drawn,

The poor still remain hungry,

And probably still Angry,

Of the rich,

Who keep to the speech,

And we know NYS their fingers did reach

Ask them as powerful as you,

Only you can do,


As for the name game,

I know it’s a shame,

But it’s the greedy I blame,

Why have a country for a few,

Yet the Constitution set us up a new,

Please come and remind of power in diversity,

The power in  inclusivity

Unity of scribe,

And not tribe,

And who can tell them better than you,

 The way only you can do


 Good son of Siaya k’ogello,

Presumably an inherent fan of k’ogallo,

Please come home,

And for yourself see the storm,

Its death,

As many patients take their last breath,

The medics are out,

And the government involved in the shout,

After all, it’s the poor affected,

The rich in Government  can’t get infected,

If anything, they will get on board,

And fly abroad,

I hope they will hear you,

As you do best what you do


Please ask the people to note,

And vote,

Ask them to make  clear choices

And make loud their voices,

Please ask them not to fight,

It is never right,

But note,

Go to the ballot and vote,

It may not be smooth,

But stand by the truth,

Even when they try to get under our skin,

It’s always the red, black, white and green


Fare thee well

My president,


Yours Truly,

An African Poet


I have heard it all,

Have had them say,

“Forgive me father for I have sinned,”

Have heard of their sorrows

And all their stories,

Seen them come before the father,

As they wipe their tears,

I sought to take away their fears.



Today came the drunkard,

He was still in a stupor,

But in tears said he could resist the brown bottle,

That helped his mind to settle,

And took him to a world of ecstasy,

A world with no sorrow,

But it is the same drink that has made him fall,

For he has lost it all,

His wife and children do not even call.

He has no dignity,

I said a prayer,

And asked him to “Go and sin no more”


Then came the “night sister”

As beautiful as it can be,

A marvelous creation of the father,

Who recounted the story of her ‘last night, ‘

And said it was all about bread and butter in sight,

That to the men she gave the fruit,

And that she never chose the root,

But all mother nature’s foot,

I said a prayer

And asked her to “Go in peace and sin no more


Then came the thief,

He said he knew the Ten Commandments,

But called it a curse,

That made him pick and run,

But in hell he said would burn,

If he kept up with the “clan”

I said a prayer,

And with the sign of the cross,

Said “Go in peace and sin no more


I also heard from the” unfaithful wife’,

Who did not have much of remorse,

And said that she could not help it,

The temptation was too great,

And that her body was weak,

Besides, the husband was not an angel,

I read the scripture,

Said a prayer,

And told her to” Go in peace and sin no more.’


Lastly came the young man.

Who had a drug problem,

He said he didn’t take heed of the word

Saying “children obey your father and mother”

As he took the “bad company” and corrupted his “good mind,”

I said a prayer,

And told him “Go in peace and sin no more


But who would help me carry my cross,

Who would help me with my pain,

As my day comes to an end I ask.






Simple (2017)

Simple words,

A simple line,

Simple paragraph,

Simple expressions of thought,

Simple description of event,

Those are the things,

Those make the greatest stories


A simple act of kindness,

Simple show of concern,

Simple desire to do good,

Simple acts of compassion,

Simple acts of forgiveness,

Those are the things,

That set apart,

An angel from the devil


A simple smile,

Simple words I love you,

Simple letters of love

Simple desire to be together,

Simple kisses

A Simple touch,

Simple sharing and caring,

Simple moments,

Those are the things,

That makes the greatest,

Stories of love


Simple bonds of love,

Simple moments of laughter,

Over simple jokes,

Simple problems shared,

With simple solutions,

Over simple dinners,

Those are the things,

Simple show of trust,

Simple sacrifices,

That make the greatest of friendships


Simple tunes,

Simple beats,

A simple bridge,

Simple notes,

Simple voices,

Simple instrument,

Those are the things,

That make the greatest music


Simple people,

Simple lives,

Simply honest,

With simple hard work,

Simple determination,

Simple goals,

Simple believes,

Make the greatest impact,

In a not so simple world


Only a Woman

Only a woman,

Can make a dark day feel bright,

Can fill your sight with delight,

Can make a cold night so warm,

As she graces ear with her angelic voice,

And brings life to the lifeless


Only a woman,

Can touch a heart stone

And make it bleed,

Can make a man smile on his own through the day,

Can make a philosopher forget logic,

As reason disappears by the roadside,

By the magic of her waist,

And the taste of my her lips


Only a woman

Can create and mould,

Can bring joy to a home,

As she is a natural home maker,

With her sweet perfect homemade food,

And drinks to go with it


Only a woman,

Can make cleaning look fun

And in a minute with the children be done,

Only a woman can,

Make a poor man feel like a king,

As a good wife

Is a pride of the husband


But again,

It is only a woman

Who can make nations go to war,

And a man kill another.

Only a woman,

Can come between friends

And turn them into foes

Only a woman,

Can make the mighty men fall.

Alas who brought the original sin?