She is a He (2015)

She started by putting on a pair of pants,


Taking her own stands,


Matters in the house,

No longer on the broom,


She’s as good as the groom,


She is the boss in the office,


She drives a car so big,

And pays her own rent

And says,

What He can do,

I can do better,

And she plays rugby and soccer,


She is a He,

For the kids,

She will go for a Petri dish,




He is also a she,

He will stay at home,

In the kitchen take the storm,

He takes the children to school,

And washes the dishes for kisses,

He will only listen and not talk,

Lest she takes a walk,


He is a she,


He has to put on braids,

And punctuate by putting on stards,


He is a she,


In a world,


Where North could be south,

And West be east,

A World of change,

And strange,


Andrew could as well be Audrey,

The 21st Century world,

Where he is she,

And she is he















You can have all you want,

But I ask if the lesson you’ve learnt,

This fact to change you can’t,

And it is true

The sky is blue.


If blind you may one day see,

Be the best at what you want to be,

But from the animals to the birds at sea,

It is true

The sky is blue.


You can even dine with the kings,

Have expensive jewellery and rings,

Have the flashiest cars with blings

But you will see, it’s true

The sky is blue?


Even be a friend of poverty,

Who faces all life’s cruelty?

With  no ability,

Yet it is still true,

 The sky is always blue.


It may be cloudy and rain,

And sometimes in darkness stain,

Just like there is joy and pain,

But  it is true,

The sky is always blue


  Don’t you get the clue?

 That yes, we have to do

But must contend as due,

As it is true,

The sky is blue.

 Whether you are black or white,

You are heavy or light,

Whether day or night,

It is true

The sky is blue.


The Kitten & the Puppy 2 (2017)

Hey little kitten,

It is written,

Cats and dogs

Are like stones and logs,

Just get it into your head,

That’s how we were made,

Never to mix,

And there is nothing you can fix,


Ooh my puppy friend,

That’s not a good trend,

From what I see,

We can let the past be,

Why live with hate,

When we can change fate?

We need to care

And share,

Come on bro. lets bounce

Or pounce?


Let me be man,

Just go and have your fun,

Besides, I don’t want to share food,

I am not in the mood,

And you still can’t get it,

Kittens and puppies aren’t a good fit,

Besides we are leaders,

And you are just feeders,

We hunt and you don’t,

We bark and you won’t

Let me go be with my people,

Before I make you a cripple,


I am not done,

Till you this lesson learn,

That we are all the same,

And there is no shame,

In cold,

We both fold,

We both love meat,

And the meet and greet,

So let’s avoid the politics and be one,

From the past we need to learn

But it is written

The puppy and the kitten,

Can never be one

From this can we turn?

Then we have election,

Or is it selection,

That will always come with a debate,

And bring a lot of hate,

Between my father,

And your brother,


Yes, you are right,

But how is that our fight?

Do we gain?

A grain,

When our home is in blood,


Because of elections

Or is it selections,

We need to break away from these,

Let’s be like the bees,

And stand for one another

For you are my brother,


Yes, we can unwire the written,

And say, love for the puppy and kitten,

It will not be easy to shine the light,

But we can try, it seems right,

To write a new script,

And drawn the politics with a swift,

But for now bro, let’s bounce

Or pounce