Ice cold (2014)

Where is the love?

What about the dove?

Where is the sun?

And what about the fun?

All gone with the storm,

That came to my home,

 And I was not told,

That it would be this cold,


I stare at the walls,

They only remind me of your falls,

As you came to my heart,

And before we could start,

You were gone,

And left it torn,

Yet I was not told,

That it would be ice cold


How could you be this cold?

So ice cold,

As you took my trust,

And away you thrust

You also took my love away,

And left me astray,

You went with my faith,

And every moment’s breath,

And with you went the smile,


And I was not told,

That I would be this cold,

Ice cold











Like (2014)

 Like a painter with a brush,

The excitement, the blood rush                       

Every stroke thin and faint,

To be we were meant,


Like fish in water,

You have given me love and a beautiful daughter,

So I spring with life and happiness,

Oh am filled with joy and gladness,


Like a monkey in the jungle,

Swing from tree to tree with no struggle,

With you in my arm for I wouldn’t ask,

I give you my love from dawn to dusk,


Like the stars and the moon at night,

I shine with thy love so bright,

Let my spirit fly,

My love for you will never die,


Like a pastor with the bible,

With you I have the faith hope and am stable,

Or like a sculpture with a stone,

For you I was born


Like a guitarist with a tune,

I will play in grass with the moon so soon,

And our song,

That makes us go strong,


  Like a bird in the morning,

The sight of you gives me the warming,

With you I feel like a dove,

Flying above


Like a king,

With your ring,

What else do I need?

Yet from your pot I feed,


You make me feel like an astronaut in space,

No gravity, no mess my life you bless,

Like a warrior victorious in war,

Happy and fulfilled even in snow,


. Like a baby in its mothers arms,

Oh my love your charms,

I feel like I deserve,

Like love,

What does it take to raise a Man? (2015)

  1. What does it take dear mama?

To raise a boy into a man?

Does it take courage?

Indeed you had it,

When you brought me into this world,

The courage to endure,

The long hours of pain,

Till finally you made it,

Brought a boy into the world


  1. Does it take love?

To raise a  boy into a man?

Because from the first time,

You held me into your arms,

Your eyes sparked with love,

Love I have always felt in my heart,

And I still see today,


  1. It must take patients,

And you have shown that with me,

Every time I did wrong,

You were there to show me the right,

Sometimes by counsel,

Sometimes by a warning and

Many times by the stoke of the Cain,

And after tears I shed,

You were there to comfort me

Today I know,

It was all for good


  1. Does it take strength mother?

Strength to wake up every day,

Prepare my day daily bread,

Wash my clothes,

Prepare me for school,

And give me the best you could

As you have done these,

Ever since I can remember


  1. Does it take sacrifice?

To raise a boy into a man,

Many times you went without sleep,

So that you could look after me,

Sometimes you stayed in the cold,

So that I could be warm,

Sometimes you stayed without food,

So that I could eat



  1. Does it take faith?

The faith to say a prayer for your boy,

To pray that the almighty may guide,

As I grow bit by bit,

As I make my choices in life,

So that I be a man,

A good man,

As I admit that it takes a woman,

To raise a man,

“All I am and hope to be is because of my darling mother

Abraham Lincoln

Behind the Curtain 2015

On the stage,

They ear to ear smile,

And laugh,

Look all good,

But behind the curtains,

They also cry,

Also shut-down,

With misery,

Written all over their faces


On the stage,

The look so powerful,

So invincible,

They look so perfect,

Yet behind the curtains,

After taking off the costumes,

And make up,

They are but ordinary,

Men and women,

Who sweat and bleed,

Make mistakes and even worry


When on stage,

They are a perfect couple,

With a perfect marriage,

And perfect children,

But behind the curtain,

It is a story of a temperamental man,

A lonely woman,

And children, always seeking attention,


On the stage,

We are good and we care,

We share,

And love

But behind the curtains,

We are so green,

We envy,

We hate

And we destroy,