The Old and the New (2017)

I heard him come in,

Late in the dark of the night,

Silent like a thief,

He got into bed,

Turned away from me,

And before I knew it,

He was dead a sleep,

Smiling in his dreams,

Calling her name while next to me,

And I could help but ask why

Why was he taking me for a fool?

Why was he hurting me like this?

And why not admit,

That I was the old,

And she was the new


I took my time and made dinner,

His favorite,

Cleaned up nicely

And put on make up

And my best dress,

Thought it would remind him of us,

Bring him back to me,

But as soon as he got in I knew,

That he was just from seeing her,

And wanted nothing to do with me,

He couldn’t even eat my food,

But kept to his phone all through,

But why

Why was he so cruel to me?

Why was he so cold?

And why could he tell me

That I was the old

And she was the new


I have seen the text messages,

I have heard him talk to her,

Have seen his face light up,

I can see that he is drying up the well of our love,

And that he has forgotten so fast

But why look at me like an insect?

Why treat me like I have a contagious disease?

Why not tell me that I am old

And he has a new one


Night after night I have cried,

Hoping that it will be different,

But he seems not to see,

He seems not to love,

Not to care anymore,

And why treat me like a wall?

Why come back home?

Why not tell me,

That I am the old,

And he wants the new


I will therefore quit,

I will pack my bags and go,

I will flee as fast and so far,

I will close the books on our love,

I will dry my tears never to cry again,

And I will go,

As I am also done with the old

And done with the cold,

Looking for my new


Much about Love (2017)

I  don’t know much about love,

But I know,

It is the best feeling in the world,

Of longing,

And belonging,

Between a man and a woman,

A feeling of two hearts,

Beating in one accord,

A feeling of joy and excitement,

Between a man and a woman,

As they  eyes  lock

And feel the warmth of each other’s hands

Punctuated by tight embraces,

A feeling of impossible made possible,


But I  know it may also hurt,

Like a thousand knives driven into the heart,

A feeling of  lost hope, darkness,

Only healed  by time


I  don’t know much about love,

But I  know,

It’s those times  of wild laughers,

Never ending phone conversations,

The constant “Good morning” and  “Good nights”

It is the words I  love you,

And I  love you too’s,

Yet I also  know,

It sometimes turns on its head,

To very ugly times,

With very ugly words,

Only healed with time


I  may not know much about love,

But I  know,

It is the silver lining in every dark cloud,

It  is the light after dawn,

And even though it may be tough,

Even though they may laugh,

Sometimes it may be painful,

As long as we are faithful,

Love will conquer all