Born a Man (2017)

Born into a world tagged as a warrior,

To fight protect provide and procreate,

To till the land hard for food,

To sweat at every turn,

 As they never come easy,

Born to be gentle,

To let her have before you take,

Hold her hand through steps,

Let her always go before you,

Open the car doors for her

And treat her like a queen,


Born to praise her beauty,

To smile,

Laugh and show her the best,

To respect,

And always obey with no questions,

To lose arguments,

And always work to impress,

To desire,

Seek after and please her


Born to be sexual but not too sexual,

Do that and they call you a fisi,

Which would make them carcass,

Treat them nice,

And they will always be suspicious of you,

As someone who is always after something,

A predator after a prey,

Born as a liar,

A cheat

You will hear them say,

All men are the same,

But they easily forget,

Takes two to tango


Born to pay for maintenance,

And up keep

And they would loudly call you

Dead beat father

And remain tight lipped

Of the women who abandon their babies,

It is a life of twists,

A dilemma

To be born a man