Awino 2015

Awino went to “cook”

At a right prime age,

She was full of pride,

As she had remained a “good girl”

And kept all the teachings from her grandma,

But alas! He was a beast

From the East,

Who only saw an item,

He had acquired in his house,

After all,

He had paid a price,

A bride price


Awino went to “cook”

And she was happy,

As she was in love,

With the tall, dark, handsome one,

But alas!

The book and the cover were wide apart,

And she would soon

Be a punching bag,

And endure cold lonely night,

While he is gone,

To find another,


Awino tried to fry “Mbuta”

Sometimes “Ng’ege,”

Or even the sweet “Aluru”,

As she thought it was in the cooking,

But he only frowned at her,

Many times rejecting the food,

To him she was an item,

Acquired at a price,

A pride price


Awino gave it all,

She even gave him a boy,

And  girl,

But he spit at her,

Like She was a smelly toilet,

As to him she was an item,

An item he had bought,

At a price,

Bride price


Awino still washed his clothes,

Cooked his food,

Washed his feet,

Made his bed,

As she was a dutiful wife,

But he only saw a slave,

Someone he would bark at every morning,

He only saw an item,

He had acquired for his house,

At a price,

A bride price,


She couldn’t go back home,

As it would be a shame,

And she would bare the blame,

Of not being a good wife,

A dutiful wife,

And so she bares the pain,

And the tearless cry,

Of being a price,

A bride price