Ask Lwanda Magere ’ (2016)

I am sure you have heard of this,

I know you have been told,

“Think twice” they have said,

Especially when the deal is too good,

But if still in doubt, ask Lwanda Magere,

The great warrior of the Kano people,

With flesh made of stone,

He will tell you of the battles he won,

The thousands he fell,

Till he met the enchanting Nandi girl,

Who found her way into his nest

And into his breast,

And learnt that his strength,

As being in his shadow,

Today it is only but Kit Mikayi


Ask Samson,

The strongest man in the bible,

And he will tell you,

Of the philistines he fell,

A man who fought a lion with his bare hands,

Till he met the beautiful Delilah,

Her sparking eyes,

Concave shaped body,

He took her into his bed,

And his breast,

And she learnt that his strength,

Was all in his hair

Today it’s only a tale told.


Ask David,

The greatest king in Israel,

Brave as a shepherd boy,

Who fought of lions,

And fell the giant Goliath

Only to fall at the sight of a naked woman




Why not ask Solomon,

As wise as he was,

He couldn’t  keep it in his pants,

And down went his kingdom,


Ask Adam,

He will tell you of the good life,

And the good wife

“Flesh of his flesh” he said

Till he was made,

To feed off the fruit in the middle of the garden,

With that came,

The serpent’s bite,

The birth pains

And hatred in humanity


Ask Bill Clinton,

And he will tell you,

Of the jobs he created in America,

Of the many wars he stopped,

His Diplomatic achievement,

But he will also tell you of the amazing,

Monica Lewinsky,

A name that rocked his entire administration,



And you will be told,

That they are like Roses,

So beautiful,

And enchanting,

Yet they have thorns,

Poisonous thorns,

That can prick and kill



And you will be told,

That they are the waters in the well,

So Sweet and refreshing,

Yet can drown and kill,

They are the fire,

Burning with passion,

Yet they can burn,

Burn if you don’t run