I Have Finally Found Him

Aha! I found him,

I finally found him.

The thief who stole my heart,

Made me blind by his words so kind,

Before him, I melted so shy,

And felt like a princess in a castle,

Only for him to break away,

And ask me to go away,

And grow some more,


I found him,

I finally found him,

The thief who stole my chastity,

Knowing I could never get it back,

As he asked me to prove my love,

And said he was only going to make me a woman,

To earn respect from the other girls?

But as soon as he was done,

Away he went,

As fast as an antelope,

Saying I was stupid and naive

And asked me to go away

And grow some more,


I have found him,

Can you please turn?

And take a look at him?

The thief who stole my innocence,

The monster, I called him father,

But came to my bed in the deep of the night,

And did the unthinkable,

Saying, I was ripe for marriage


I found him,

I finally found him,

The thief who stole my life,

As he took me from my father house,

To the altar of God,


As I stayed the faithful wife,

He mingled and giggled,

And before I knew,

AIDS was knocking at my door,

Now am counting my days


I have found him,

I have finally found him,

Can you please help me?

Help me get hold of him,

And put him in jail without bail.

As he is the thief who has stolen,

Stolen the peace from my life







Put some thought in it,

I know it looks a good fit,

And quiet neat,

But it is always good to think twice,

So says the wise,

Before you walk out that door

And leave me so


I may never give you the world,

But I let you get wild,

I don’t have so much money

But do you know whats funny?

I   love you from coast to coast

And in laughter and joy we been lost,

So, before you walk out that door,

And leave me on the floor,

Try think twice,

And so say the twice


Your friends will tell you to go,

I know you can feel the flow,

I get it he drives a better car,

And all these raise the bar,

But where were they when we started out,

Promised to love with no doubt,

I may be bad,

But I know you’ve never been sad,

So please think twice,

Before you roll the dice,

And walk out that door,

And leave me so


I don’t dress like him

But I dream,

I don’t have it all,

And may even fall,

But I will always rise,

With you by my side,

So before you slide,

And walk out that door,

Please think of what is in store,

As grass always looks greener on the other side

And you may need your eyes out wide


Please I beg of you to keep still,

And know that I love you still

But all my go down the drain,

If you decide to stain,

I may not be kind,

But I mind,

I may be good,

But I am not rude,

So please stay,

And don’t let him on you prey


A bright day suddenly turns dark,

Clouds of smoke and fire in the air,

Gun shots and the sound of fear,

As a thousand boots hit the ground,

And you the bells of hell ring,

As stones are hurled,

And tear gas canisters thrown,

A thousand killed,

And others injured

The protest started with a thousand men,

The crowd grew,

And before you know it,

All hell broke loose,

Men women and children running in all directions,

From angry men in military gear,

And next,

A baby and a ten year old are shot dead,

And thousands of property destroyed,

Thousands of shillings lost,

Why need the Government kill its people?

Why many cripple?

Why destruction of property?

Why do we breach the peace?

Why are perpetrators not brought to book?

A thousand questions,

With no answer,

A plague for a thousand years for our people






I WAS IN LOVE (2018)

I fell in love,

With the brown earth,

The beautiful green trees,

Wonderful hills and mountains,

Precious water fountains,

Green fields,


I was in love,

With the language of my people,

Till I knew better,

I wanted more,

And everything turned,

From them

To me myself and I


I was in love,

With the idea of freedom,

The sounds of equity and equality,

It felt good to imagine social justice,

I wanted prosperity for my people,

Freedom to work, find food have life,

Freedom to marry,

I wanted to reward good

And rebuke evil

And they knew me loved me,

Believed in me,

Till I knew better,

And wanted for myself me and I


I therefore fell out of love,

Turned king with a bling,

I ruled instead of leading,


Turned the tables.

And became a devil.

With the face of an angel,

I made them pay taxes,

Used them for cheap labour,

And like a false prophet waggle my tongue,

Enough to enslave them,

And soon,

I was an enemy,

To the progress I wanted,

I suppressed the freedoms I fought for,

Became a master of double speech,

And proudly called myself a politician


I was in love,

With the brown earth,

Fresh fish from the lake,

I loved hunting game and the cheeky squirrels,

I loved the idea of service,

Till it got to me,

And I started writing policies

To cut down the trees,

To pollute the waters,

To sell my people to slavery,

While waggling my tongue,

Pretending to be a saint

I was in love,

Till I became a politician









Blame it on the Devil (2016)

Is it because he is voiceless?

That we see all bad in him,

Could it be that he is all bad?

Wasn’t he once an arch angel?

Or is he just a perfect scapegoat

We cheat lie and steal,

And blame it on the devil,

We envy and take the life of other,

And when asked,

We blame it on the devil,

The bad angel cast from heaven,


You sleep with your neighbor’s wife

But it is never your fault,

It is the devil,

You forcefully took a helpless woman,

But this is the devil,

You have sold a helpless child,

Still you see the devil in all these,


You have forgotten the creator,

You never go for prayer,

But you blame it on the devil,

The dark angel,

We lust,

Drink to a pulp,

Then, we say it is the devil,


We gossip,

And think evil,

Then we say it is the devil,

Corruption in Government,

Poor governance,

We pray to God to take away the devil,

Have we ever thought for a minute?

That the devil may have little to do with it,

When will we take responsibility?

For our faults and shortcoming,

When will we stop blaming it on the devil?