When in doubt,

Look at the beautiful sky,

The sunrise,

The clouds as they slowly move

And remember,

That I will always love you


When in doubt,

When feel so cold,

When you feel lonely.

And it is dark,

Look at the sky,

When the moon shines,

And remember our times together,

The games we played,

The songs we danced to,

Remember my love for you


When in doubt,

Because they envy you

And tell you of other women.

Tell you that I am not right,

Remember the nights we stayed awake,

And the days we stayed in bed,

Remember our laughter,

And the good times we have had,

Remember my promise of love

When in doubt,

As the distance is too great,

And you are losing faith,

Just look at the birds,

And remember the first day we met,

When I was young and scared,

And you were so pretty,

Remember how I mumbled,

And you smiled shyly with butterflies

In your stomach,

And know that it was the best day of my life


When in doubt

And you can’t see away out

Please remember,

That I love you,

Like a Dolphins love the sea,

Like the bees love the flowers,

And the wolves love the moon

I love you,

As Romeo loved Juliete

And Bonnie loved Clyde



Curled in my bed,

Eyes tightly shut,

Glued to my blanket

Hiding from myself,

But mostly from my step Mom,

From her red hot eyes,

Her hard stare,

And scare,

Her cruel loud words,

Tearing my heart to pieces,

Breaking my self-esteem,

I groan with disgust,

As I hear the cock crowing,

And birds chattering,

Another cold morning,

Believe it or not,

I have to wash the whole house,

Cook breakfast

Wash utensil

Before I can dare go to school,

While she enjoys her sleep


I dare not ask for lunch money,

As I risks being kicked like a stray dog,

In the evening

I will dine with the cats in the kitchen,

While she sits with father and her children

She says I am dirty,


And an worthy,

Just because I am not,

One of her children,

And I can’t help but ask

Does she have a conscience?

And what about my Dad?

Mummed by her thighs

Gives a side look,

To all my suffering,

Corporal punishment and labour,

My cold mornings and late nights,

The name calling,

Depression and my tears,

And fears of My Step Mom






































GONE 2018

Gone are the days,

And the ways,

Of kings and queens

Of the twins,

Slavery and servitude,

The big boss attitude,

Gone are the colonial days,

And the one party days

With no freedom of speech,

And no voice to teach,

Gone are the days of a powerful Government,

Where citizens are but ornaments,

Gone are the days of fear

Where nights and days aren’t clear,

Gone are rulers,

Who seek to rule us


Has given way to leadership



Is a free nation,

With the red black green and white to mention,

Servant and accountable leadership,

Not dictatorship,

A country for all

We love her and home we call,

Tribe less,


Where we agree to disagree,

And still remain free,

Fidelity to the law and God,

Of all creation,

And the whole Nation


I write this letter,

To ask you,

To meet me at River town,

Take the train at noon,

And you will get there soon,

And you will be safe,

From their prying eyes,

You will be safe from their envy,

They will not be able to talk of us,

And we can finally be free,

To walk hand by hand,

To love,

Care and dare,


To dance,

Drink and spring


Meet me at River town,

By the Hill side,

Where we first met,

Away from my uncles,

And you grandma,

Where I smiled at you,

And you smiled back,

Meet me at River town,

And let’s cast away our tribes,

Family rivalry

And the ghosts of the past,

Forge ahead for our beautiful love,

Let it grow within our hearts,

Like a beautiful garden


Meet me at River town,

And let’s write the chapters of our love,

The story of John and Jenipher,

A story of struggle,


Endurance and hard work

 But also, peace, gentleness

Passion and love,

Come with me to River Town,

Where the wind sings gently,

Come and hear the laughter of the morning sun,

Let us see the smile of the moon,

And stars in the sky

Meet me at River town,

As I will be waiting,

To say goodbye to the past,

And hallo to our future

















In the darkness of the dawn,

When you feel cold and not warm,

When you feel the storm,

Heading for you fast,

In a blast,

When the world is on top of you,

When your smile fades,

And laughter dries up,


And I will listen,


And I will hear you,

Just whisper,

And I will be there,

To hold you through your fears,

And help dry your tears,

Walk with you through the straight and narrow,

And comfort you in your sorrow


They have judged you,

Thrown you to the dogs,

Your friends are no longer there,

Your family a broken pot of clay,

As you have fallen in the eyes of man,

Just whisper,

Contrary to expectations,

I have no formula,


And I will listen,

As I promised,

Seek and you will find,

Ask and you will be given,

So whisper,

Within your heart,

In the privacy of your room

And I will come,

To be with you,

To be your friend,

And guide you,


You don’t need to shout,

Speak out loud,

You need not speak in tongues,

Don’t jump and chant,

You need not be someone else,

Just whisper,

Talk to me

And I will listen

I will be there for you,

To protect you,

And love you