Impossible (2014)

A word that rhymes with invincible,


A word of finality,


It can never be,

Yet thousands of slaves were free,

By the words and thoughts of William Wilberforce,

Who had a course,


Was made possible


It’s impossible,

Not possible,

For the sun to rise at night,

And for the bats to have a clear sight,

But is it also impossible to see the end,?

At the beginning,

To walk your dreams,

Yet the old will dream,

And the young will have visions

Yet Joseph saw himself king,

And Joshua saw the Promised Land,


Was made possible


It’s impossible,

Not possible,

For a man to fly,

Though it would be fun to try,

For a lion to be mild,

And a cow wild,

To rain in summer,

And shine in winter,

Yet it is possible to calm a storm,

To always be warm

As Jesus did calm a storm,

And Moses went through the red sea,

The impossible,

Became possible


Edward will never be Steward,

And backwards can never be forward,

Black can never be white,

And the weak may never be strong,

The poor never rich,

Yet it was possible for Jacob to be Israel,

And Abram to be Abraham

The impossible,

Became possible


It’s impossible for the devil to be good,

Always crude,

Impossible for wrong to be right,

Impossible for love to bread hate,

Impossible for Israel and Palestine,

Yet the dogs and cats can forgive,

The leopards and Antelopes do exist,

Christians and Muslims can share,

The impossible,

Can be possible


It’s impossible to mend a broken glass,

To take back a spoken word,

Impossible to take back time,

Yet a broken heart can grow fonder,

It is possible to love again,

With each new day,

With hope faith and love,

The impossible,

Can be possible



Dear Grandpa 2018

Greeting gramps,

It has been long since we had a chat,

Well have been here and there,

And I guess that’s life,

But let me get into business,

And before you ask,

I am  not married yet,

Though so much in love,

And I can almost swear this time it’s different,

Her name is Christy,

And she comes from the North,

I can always feel the fear,

And see the tension whenever she comes home,

But you know me,

Never cared about tribe,

She excites me, inspires me,

And makes me want to be more,

She’s kind patient and enduring,

And so so beautiful,

Am sure you would have loved her,


The rest of us are quite ok,

George finally became a lawyer,

I have a feeling that you carried him through,

He is however still the DJ when we meet,

He still makes laugh

Especially when he does an impression of you,

Peter is a doctor,

Know you are very proud,

I see a lot of Dad in him every day,

The way he used to keep to himself when sober,

And erupt when he is tipsy,

He is also as generous as father,

And yes, a ladies magnet,

Mathew on the other hand enjoys emulating you,

Or is it going overboard,

He has a new young wife

To add to the other three

And I guess about twenty off springs,

That’s double your tally?

Joseph is still Joseph,

We still have to run around to save him,

If not from the authorities,

Then, from a neighbour for impregnating their daughter,

Or from the brewing lady for not paying his bills,

But that’s family


Denis has changed a great deal,

I guess once one get domesticated so to speak,

There no two ways,

He’s got a wife and three kids,

And the rest is history,

About the girls, they are all settled,

But we still meet at Sunday dinners,

Dorothy is a reflection of Mom,

Cathy is as strong and independent as Dad,

And Chalona is the wild one,

She recently converted to Islam by the way,

Hope that will cool her down

Grandma is fine,

We still visit her for her delicious Aluru

She still misses you,

I always see her eyes light up every time we talk of you,

She is convinced,

Today we don’t have a clue of love,

We don’t treat our women with respect like you did,

And the girls today,

Are just shadows of the woman she was,

Mom is also ok,

She is the tether for all of us,

We always pray for her

Lastly, you are getting more great grandchildren by the day,

We try to tell them about you,

To teach them right from wrong,

Dignity, honesty love and the family way


Till next time…


Your favorite grandson













Saying the words doesn’t make them true,

May make you look cool,

But it is living the words,

That makes the difference,

It is not about shouting in the podium,

It’s about the life we live,

It is not about confessing love,

But it’s about caring and sharing,


Saying the words doesn’t make us weak,

It does not make us foolish,

Rather it makes us strong,

So please man, tell your lady,

That you love them,

Tell them that you care,

And saw you will grow,


Saying the words doesn’t change the future,

Doesn’t change ones destiny,

Millionaires do not sit on their words,

They have to act on them,

Poets do not sit on their words;

They have to write them down,

Words may move the world but only if we work on them


Saying the words do not make us holy,

We live by our deeds,

Some kindness,

Feeding the poor,

Living with compassion,

Love for humanity and faith,

That what makes the difference







The news that you are gone,

Broke my heart into pieces,


Turning a bright morning,

Into a horror of darkness,


Tears in my eyes,

At the thought of you gone,


Never to share jokes or laughter,

Never to hear your voice again,


It’s hard to imagine,

Our lives without your tantrums,


Life is so plain,

Without your beauty energy and joy,


And we will surely miss,

Your beautiful heart and friendship


But it must not be goodbye,

For in our heart you remain


We hold on to the memories,

Of that beautiful girl who grew amongst boys,


Refused to call us uncles,

But embraced us as her brothers


And learnt to take her place in the family

And in the world,


It must not be goodbye,

Remember your poems in kindergarten


Or the playful baby you were,

Taking to your heels every bath time,


And what love you got even as a child,

No one doubted your potential


A darling to my father,

So proud that he loved calling you Monica


To Mom you were her Adipo,

The pride of her heart,


It must not be goodbye,

For your cheerfulness remains in our heart


Your zeal and hard work,

And that you spoke your mind with no fear


We refuse to say goodbye,

As we will remember you growing to a young woman,


Strong and independent,

So admirable


Your love for God,

And hope for the future


Adipo it must not be goodbye

You have not gone


Your mind for the right and wrong

And cheerful life


That will live on in us

And the little ones


In the pride and unity

Of our family as it was dear to you


It must not be goodbye,

For we are not ready to let go


You never gave up,

You never backed down,


And so we will not say goodbye

But cherish you and make you proud

For my beautiful precious niece, Sande Valentine Adipo,

We will miss you.