Make it Rain

Will you please make it rain?

Oh! The pain,

Of an empty stomach,

Is just too much


And the scotching sun,

Our bear backs it burns,

The babies in the houses are crying,

And the old are dying


The wells are dried up,

We can’t even get a cup,

The animals are giving in,

And the vultures come to clean


Our crops dry and drop,

Can we really cope?

The fruits are no longer there

Do the gods still really care?


The young look in despair,

They think it’s unfair,

That they should lack the rain,

And watch as they in hunger drain

The women, all in tears,

With no cheers,

What did they do wrong?

As they sing a sad song


The men are deep in thought,

 This they would have fought,

But it is mortal?

It isn’t about a bottle


Maybe tomorrow,

 There will be no sorrow,

Maybe the heavens will open up,

And it will rain in a snap



I have always dreamt,

That one day,

I will see you again,

Smiling happy, peaceful,

And as pretty as ever,

That one day… someday,

In a way,

I will get a chance,

And ask you for a dance,

Hold you in my arms,

As we move to the rhythm,

Eyes closed, whispers of love,

As we embrace,

 Feeling your fingertips,

Your soft hands,

Glorious touch,

And warmth of your body


I have always imagined,

That one day,


That I will get down on my knees,

Look into your beautiful eyes,

Tell you how much I love you,

And you would say yes,

Overjoyed to be mine,

And we would go on to say I do,

Making the promise to love, share and care

To love you with my last breath,

Till death,

I have always wanted,

Someday…someday to fall asleep in your arms,

To watch the stars with you,

To kiss you good morning at dawn,

As I sing you a soft song


I have always dreamt,

That someday… one day,

We will be together,

To spend our days laughing,


Watching the birds,

Speaking with no words,

That one day… someday,

We will travel the world,

See the Seven Wonders of the World,

Enjoy the different cultures

From North to South of the globe,

Eat different kinds of food,

Dance to different tunes,

From Rome to Paris,

Tunis to Cape Town


I have always dreamt,

That someday… one day,

We will have little babies,

Make a family together,

And as we teach them to have pride,

Love kindness hard work and honesty,

Our hearts will be filled with joy,

Aging and going in love,

And I pray,

That when the times comes,

Someday… someday

We will die in love














Come let’s take a walk,

A few doors knock,

And listen to the enchanting tripartite tale,

Of my people the Luo,

Hear the songs of the heroic Lwanda Magere,

The story of Kit Mikai

The absorbing narrative of Simbi Nyaima,

And the lessons of Nyamgodo,

Come and get into the realm of Sigana,

And marvel at the tales of Gor Mahia

Listen to head nodding tunes of Ohangla,

With the heavenly melodies of Orutu,


Come and let’s dine,

To the tasty delicacies of Joka Nyar Nam,

The sumptuous dish of ring’ Aliyah,

Fresh fatty Mbuta,

Sweet sweet Aluru,

Crunchy Omena, punctuated by kuon Anang’a

Dek and Mor Alenya,

With a cup of Nyuka a bagaa to take it all down


Come and see the green lands of Sakwa,

Where father came from,

See the beautiful shores of Lake Victoria

And hunt the squirrels and Antelopes,

Talk to the majestic and hardworking men of the lake,

Meet the angelic girls of Alego,

As you witness the red soil of Ugenya,

Come and listen to the tunes of their tongues,

Talk of the confident people of Gem,

The Great people of Uyoma,

And the lovely Asembo


Come walk with me down south,

And see the plains of Nyando,

The Plateaus of Nyabondo,

And the hills of Asego,

Where lives the gods of thunder,

Come and meet the beauties of Nyakach,

And the Joyful men and women from Uriri,

Come down to Rusinga,

And meet the Abasuba


Hear them speak of their brave warriors,

Brave men and women who have carried the torch,

Come hear the brilliance of Agwings Kodhek,

The oratory of Tom Mboya and Otieno Loch Lumumba,

Hear them speak of the charismatic Ajuma Odinga,

Robert Ouko, Otieno Kajwang’

Hear them chant with love for the Enigma,

Raila Odinga

Come and meet my people

The Luo,


Hear their love for Tero Buru,

Celebrating life in death and birth,

As a baby girl born at night is baptized Atieno

You hear Opiyo and you ask for Odongo,

Aketch is born in a season of great hunger,

Yet Okoth signifies Rain,

A people full of joy,

Enthusiastic about life,

Life on the lake,

Meet my people,

The Luo

Precious Hands (2014)

He made the sun,

And the stars up,

In the beautiful sky,

The he made the moon,

To light up the night,

A delight for sight,

Made by His hands,

His precious hands,


He planted the trees,

And made all the greens,

Then he put the birds,

To sing the sweet tunes,

Then he made the wild,

The lions and tigers,

And the mild,

The cats and dog,

Made by his hands,

His precious hands


He made the waters,

The sea and the ocean

Then made the fish and the Wales,

The big and the small,

The wonders of the world,

All made by his hands,

His precious hands


Then he molded man,

Tall and short,

White and black,

All in His image and likeness,

By his hands,

His precious hands


Then He made a woman,

Perhaps the epitome of his creation,

Made so beautiful

To be a companion,

For the passion,

And the mission,

To fellowship

And for friendship.

By his hands,

His precious hands


He moves the clouds,

And the waves and tides,

He holds the storm,

And keep me warm,

And calm,

By his hands,

His precious hands,

Don’t Ask Me to Speak Out 2017

Please don’t ask me to speak,

Let me be with my silence,

Leave me to my devices,

Let me be with my poems,

With my books,

Let me enjoy my music,

Because if you don’t,

You will love to hate me,

If you ask me to speak out,

I may not shout,

But ask you to go to hell,

And wait upon the devil,

I will tell you that the foolish one,

Is no longer foolish,

As I am now done,

And now it’s finally over


Don’t ask me to speak,

Let me enjoy the beauty of the sun,

Let me watch the moon at night,

Enjoy the cold breeze,

But if you do,

I may not call you the most beautiful trash,

A drum to be played by anyone,

I may not call you scam,

A pile of filth,

So get it to your head,

The foolish one,

Is no longer foolish,

And its done


Don’t force me speak out,

Let me be with my work,

Let me be with my smile,

Let me keep my peace,

Cause every time you don’t

I may not tell you off,

I may not remind you of the dust you came from,

A village girl with no class,

A rough edged bush so to speak,

Yet now you think you are better than everyone,

Now you have class,

Because of the big dons,

But I am done,

And gone,


Don’t ask me to speak out,

Le t me be with my broken heart,

Let my tears flow,

Let me feel the pain of broken trust

For it was my fault of judgement,

That I loved you,

But if you don’t,

I may be forced

To forget my humanity,

And play your foolish game

But just above your standards,

As you are too low,

A cheat, just a piece of meat,

But I am done,

And gone,

So  don’t ask me to speak out



Smile at my Grave

I am asking you to be brave,

And smile at my grave,

When I am gone don’t cry,

Smile, I know, but you’ll have to try,


And smile at my grave,

To the tears doesn’t be a slave,

But look on with pride,

And not to the side,


I am asking you to smile,

And let it worth the while,

For I will have walked my walk,

And talked my talk,


Smile as you tell them about me,

My story as a man so free,

Who loved to write in the night?

And to play Wright


Smile as you remember how we met,

Perhaps it was fate,

But we became friends,

And loved each other to the end


Smile, as you remember,

The last September,

We went out to drink and dance,

And when down, back we would bounce


Smile, just smile at my grave,

Be brave,

Smile, and remember how we went after girls,

The dark and the light all for the curls


Smile and remember the Sunday dinner at mama

How we would sit with papa

As he told us to stick together



Smile and remember my wedding day,

We wore the suits so grey,

And in betted breath we waited for the bride,

Side by side


Smile, and look at the sky

For I will try not to cry

And look out for you

As always you are a friend so true,

  “ A friend is someone who knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts you for what you have become and still encourages you to grow” William Shakespeare