From one Man to another

A stolen apple is always sweet,

And always up bit,

The thrill,

Is in the steal,

I know,

But it will never grow,

For it are just a couple of minutes,

In two digits,

A few stolen kisses,

And misses,

But can’t you see?

That mine she will forever be,

My bed to warm at night,

A delight in my sight,

The mother of my child,

In the wild and mild,


In lust she comes to you,

But  don’t  you get the clue?

In love she will always run to me,

As she is always free,

 We went to the alter

And before God and man we didn’t faulter,

For till death,

And final breath,

We swore to love,

Above any curve,


And so today,

With no delay,

From one man to another,

I ask you to stop the bother,

For all you will ever get are bread crams,

And a few slums,

But her precious heart,

Was always mine from the start

The love in her eyes

That is beyond all lies,

Was always meant for me,

And always meant to be


And so, from one man to another,

I ask you to stop the bother,

For how do you call yourself a man?

And my home behind my back you burn?

Perhaps you are just another storm,

That with love we will have to calm








I was promised golden eggs,

Keys to the doors of fortunes,

Wealth and a good life,

Like the white man,

Suits and ties,

Big house and cars,

Yes school was to give me these,

A big job,

Happiness and joy,

A degree diploma or whatever name,

Was supposed to change things,

Take me out of poverty,

Make me respectable,

But I wasn’t told,

That this would only open the doors,

To the world of wolves,

Here it’s not about ability,

Neither about quality,

Rather whom do you know?


I studied English, Swahili,

And some foreign languages,

Mathematics physics and chemistry,

Were forced down my throat,

Hell, Geography came with fold and fault mountains;

Still can’t tell the difference,

Then, Biology and Art and craft,

Agriculture and as if not enough,

I had to learn about world wars,

Events that clearly have nothing to do with me,

And had to learn about religion,

All for the golden eggs,

Which unknown to me was a perfect corn,

By the wolves who take and don’t give,

To keep me busy,

With school thinking it’s cool,

Only to see that its doesn’t give the golden eggs,

At least not for everyone,

Kitten and the Puppy 3 (2018)

Hey brother kitten,

I heard you say it’s written,

That cats and dogs can never be,

But I guess the paw shake u dint see,

And now that you have nothing to say,

Let’s go out and play


Ha! You grumpy,


I still stick to my words,

And will keep my guards,

Just like the sun and moon can never meet,

The lion and zebra can never fit,

So it’s written,

For the puppy and the kitten,


My peace I keep,

The past I sweep,

The big cat and dog,

Have taken off the log,

So we can enjoy a game,

Jump around with no shame,

We can hunt,

As we want,

We can fight together,

And call on each other whenever

So you think all is good,

That now we can share food,

That we now talk of love,

And the beauty we have,

But just give us five years,

And again you will see the fears,

You will hear the hate,

As we fight for the State,

Fight for supremacy,

With no mercy,

The law of the jungle

The constant struggle

To be on top of the food chain

As that’s the only way you gain,


Hey brother kitten,

You may be right that it’s written,

And that peace may not last,

But must we a shadow cast,

A few steps forward we need,

And positive energy to feed,

It is our fate,

So to hate let’s not open the gate,

We can together dream,

And be the cream,

Please give it a chance,

And to the tune of peace dance

It is upon our generation,

To fight of power’s temptation,

Be clear,

And fair


















Half my life,

I have loved you,

Since that Sunday morning in church,

I saw you dressed in a pretty white dress,

I smiled,

And you gave me half a smile,

So I spent half the service staring at you,

Your eyes so beautiful

And I knew I will never be the same again,



I spent half my days thinking

And half of the night dreaming of you,

I used half of my papers,

And half the ink in my pen

Writing letters of love,

That at my best could only describe half

Of what I felt

Hoping you could love me,

Just half as much


And when

You agreed to go out with me,

I spent half the coins in my pocket on flowers,

And the other half on a fancy place for us

Half on my morning in the bathroom,

And the other half on the mirror,

So as to look just right for you

I spent half the evening treating you as a queen

And the other half pinching myself,

For I could believe it

But still hoped you could love me,

Just half as much


I swore and you know,

To love you with all I have,

And we could spend half of the nights

Holding onto each other,

Half of the day on phone,

Half of dinner time touching caressing,

And I would take half my drink

And half of yours

As you took the other halves,

We spend half the weekend

 Playing laughing and watching movies,

And I was a live,

As I knew that you loved me,

At least half as much


Till you woke up one day,

I didn’t hear half of the words you said,

But you were leaving me,

In the darkness of my days,

The cold of loneliness,

I could see half of the sun,

And the moon and stars went off the sky,

Half of my heart felt empty,

As I had lost the other half of me,

Still hoped it was a bad dream

 That you would come back

And love me just half as much










I ask the cold floor to forgive me,

For He has been my companion,

Day and night,

But mostly in the night,

He has come to know,

Listen as I shiver in the night,

Listen to my heart bit,

Faster then softer as the blood in my body freeze,

Probably he is the only one who’s not judging,

As he has heard my stories,

And felt my numb skin,

As I curl at night to rest,

Yet still I ask him to forgive me,


I ask the rats and the cockroaches to forgive me,

Well, we started off on a bad not,

But have grown to be friends,

Although my toes and fingers have a story to tell,

They too do not judge me,

Perhaps because they are used to be in bottom,

Misery loves company, 

And I have loved their swift runs,

Bites and sight,

Perhaps a reminder that I was still alive,

And I ask them to forgive me,


I speak to the walls and the bars,

I looked at them with contempt at first,

Cursed them for holding me,

Separating me from precious free air,

Saw them as a big obstacle,

But in time we have seen enough together,

They have woken me from my nightmares,

And reminded me when in day dreams,

Amazingly, the listen,

And never judge

And so, I ask them to forgive me,


I ask the writing pads papers and pens

The only tools I was allowed to have,

The only right I had,

And they kept me going,

Became they have kept me sane,

Gave me an outlet,

An avenue for reflection,

Instead of judging me,

They became my therapists,

Held me through the darkness and fear,

And acknowledged my little smiles

As I leave today,

I want to ask them to forgive me


For the flowers in the garden I worked in,

The beautiful Colours delight for sour eyes,

My place of peace and hope,

Like my children I tendered the flowers,

And they returned the love,

Never looked at me sideways

Never judged me,

And as I  go back to the world

I ask them to forgive me


For I couldn’t carry them with me,

As much as they loved me,

Regardless of my bad reputation,

They forgave me for my mistakes,

Which the rest of the world will not,

They were there for me,

Which my neighborhood will not,

Least they forget,

That I am an ex-convict,

Always dangerous,

They trusted me,

Which my family may not,

But I ask them to please forgive me

The Forgotten Word

He said we should love,

But for ourselves we serve,

We have forgotten his word,

Yet he shade his blood                                                   


He said we should be humble,

But on the very word we stumble,

As we have forgotten his word,

Yet he did shed his blood


He told as to keep the faith,

Instead we have kept the wealth,

We have forgotten the word,

On the cross he shed his blood


He told as to respect the old,

But we have left them in cold,

We have forgotten the word,

By the strokes he shed his blood


He told us the way,

And taught us to pray,

But haven’t we forgotten the word,

And for our transgressions he shed his blood


He did open the door,

As he fell down to the floor,

But we have forgotten the word,

Yet for us he shed his blood,