Dear Mother (2018)

I know you have heard this,

Many times seen many come with bliss,

And you may not believe me,

As my words are hard to see,

As the fish love the water,

Mother, I love your daughter,

The future I can never tell,

But this to you I do sell,

Mother, I love your daughter,

And in this will never faulter


I may never be good enough,

To call your daughter wife,

But I will try

Not to make her cry

But to love her everyday

And this is my truth to say,

For mother I love your daughter,

And I promise never to fault her

As heart to heart we speak,

Eye to eye each other we seek,


It’s true we don’t speak the same tongue,

But mother this song is sung,

Yes I may come from the east,

But I am no beast,

Just like you we get hungry and feed,

And when you cut us we bleed,

Just like you we love the sun and the rain,

And in death we feel the pain,

Mother we love too as I do your daughter,

Without faulter,

In her bright smile I have found delight,

An Angel in my sight


Mother I may not have enough silver and Gold,

But I will protect your daughter from the cold,

I will give her a home,

And keep her from the storm,

I will shield her from the noise,

But let her speak her voice,

As she walks through her radiant path,

For she knows her worth,

Mother, like the fish love the water,

So do I love your daughter



 So beautiful,

Is the sight of the morning sun,

Rising from the East,

The freshness of a new day,

The calm morning breeze,

Songs of the morning birds,

Welcome to my ears

So Beautiful,

Is the prospect of a new day,

The peace and bliss,

The art of God



Are the Rivers and the Lakes,

The fountains and the breaks,

High mountains with snow caps,

The deserts with their features,

So beautiful,

Are the valleys and seas,

The plains and the High lands

All in harmony

And in sinc

So beautiful

Is the art of God



So clean and green,

The colour of the grass and trees,

Some thorny, others flesh,

Yet others slimmy,

Is the diversity of the plant life,

Then the flowers,

So Beautiful,

As they bring life to it,

The green, red and yellow

Is the art of God,






So beautiful is the sky,

With the stars to light it up,

Different types of clouds,

The moon and the stars at night,

And the sun in the day,


Is the rain,

The snow,

Colours of the rainbow,

Is the art of God,



So beautiful

Are the birds of the air,

The fish in the waters,

And the whale at sea,

The butterfly

And the aunts and bees,

With their sweet honey,


Are the cats dogs lions and zebras,

Manifest of the art of God


Then there is the woman,


So Beautiful,

That she has turned men into poets,

Turned men into artist,

Her curves, soft skin,

Have made countries go to war,

Her soft belly and breast,

Have turned men mad with desire,

Her eyes and lips

Ignite in the inside of men a fire,

Her hair

The warmth of her body,

So beautiful

As perhaps

She is the epitome of the art of God








AWINO Part 2 (2015)

Why Awino,


Why did you have?

To go on your knees,

And kiss his feet?

You went to the best schools,

Got the best grades,

Top of your class,

And made a medical doctor,

Yet you wait on him,

To go to work

And feed you with the crams of life


Why Awino,


Must it be this way?

Must you obey every command like a soldier?

You left your career

At his command,

To take care of his children

Yet to him, you are a beggar,

Waiting on his coins every morning

And his frown which comes with a warning


Why Awino,


Is it in the name of love?

That you have endless tears,

Flowing from your cheek,

He kicks you in the gut,

And pushes you to the wall,


You smile at him in the morning,

You cook his food,

And share his bed





Why Awino,


Are you calling for the grave?

I know you are brave,

But is there another solution,

Why Awino,



I write this to my little brothers,

A little footnote to remember,

That as they grow from boys to men,

Shoulders broaden

And voices grow deep,

They may be tempted,

But they should stay away from love


Have but don’t love

Put your mind if you must

But never give them your heart

Never go all in,

It may feel nice and good,

They will be the center of your universe,

You will dress, walk and talk for them,

Just remember my bothers,

Stay away from love


Like a game of chess it is,

First she will want your money,

Then your time and attention,

She will want to choose your friends,

Take over your house,

Added to flowers and chocolates,

But please listen,

Don’t give in by the heart,

So stay away from love


Always listen alright,

Pretend to weak and gentle if you must,

Give them the world if you can

Attention to details my brother,

And it is ok to cherish them,

Tell them what they want to hear,

But don’t give them your heart,

Don’t fall in love,


If you do my brothers,

It will be slavery in freedom,

They will have your queen

And the game will be done,

They can always kick you in the gut,

Mob the floor with you,

They can always break it and smile

As you waver in pain,

So stay away from love


It’s always like a said word,

A broken glass,

Feels like the darkness of dawn,

A thousand knives into your heart,

Blinding pain,

So please keep away from love


Listen to this one,

The story of my father’s son,

Born in the South of the land,

With a welcome so grand,

Father so proud,

That he wanted to show him to the crowd,

And he did,

With speed

He took him to get western education,

And the Christian devotion,

He to know how to read and write

And wrong from right,

But he was my father’s son,

And soon we would learn


He was cultured with no kindness,

A man after only his happiness,

He said he was capitalist,

And realist,

As he didn’t care for the people,

Much less the cripple,

Women he said were small kids,

Or better yet weeds,

That was my father’s son,

And before with anger you burn,


Domestic violence is his book,

He holds to it with a hook,

We need to correct them he’ll say,

Strong we need to stay,

He believes in commands,

And making demands,

A man is the number of wives,

And the number of knives,

He is educated all right,

But he is cultured by right,

He is my father’s son,

And before I am done,

Don’t yet just run,


He is my father’s son

With a bullet and a gun,

He is brutally African,

At every turn,

Only with a western stint,

And print,

I Will

I will walk on fours,

I will be on my knees as long as I have to,

I will say “sorry” if that’s what it takes,

To have you back by my side,


I will go around the whole world,

I will walk on air,

I will climb the highest mountain,

Just to tell you how much I miss you,


I will bring you the moon,

And even the sun,

I will be at the bottom of the sea,

All for you to come back my love


I will buy dozens of roses,

I will carry you on my arms,

Caress you so gently,

If only to remind you of the good old days


I will even be a man in tears,

And tell you how much I love you,

For my would is crazy without you

Would please come back my love


I will keep time still,

I will run a thousand miles,

For I was wrong to turn my back on you

And I ask for forgiveness


I will walk an impossible path,

For you I will bite my tongue

And shed on my pride

For your love is my will