I write this to my little brothers,

A little footnote to remember,

That as they grow from boys to men,

Shoulders broaden

And voices grow deep,

They may be tempted,

But they should stay away from love


Have but don’t love

Put your mind if you must

But never give them your heart

Never go all in,

It may feel nice and good,

They will be the center of your universe,

You will dress, walk and talk for them,

Just remember my bothers,

Stay away from love


Like a game of chess it is,

First she will want your money,

Then your time and attention,

She will want to choose your friends,

Take over your house,

Added to flowers and chocolates,

But please listen,

Don’t give in by the heart,

So stay away from love


Always listen alright,

Pretend to weak and gentle if you must,

Give them the world if you can

Attention to details my brother,

And it is ok to cherish them,

Tell them what they want to hear,

But don’t give them your heart,

Don’t fall in love,


If you do my brothers,

It will be slavery in freedom,

They will have your queen

And the game will be done,

They can always kick you in the gut,

Mob the floor with you,

They can always break it and smile

As you waver in pain,

So stay away from love


It’s always like a said word,

A broken glass,

Feels like the darkness of dawn,

A thousand knives into your heart,

Blinding pain,

So please keep away from love


2 thoughts on “STAY AWAY FROM LOVE 2018

  1. This is an amazing piece of artistry brother , let come more from where this came for the advise flowing from the poems speak to the mind and soul…I wish to do add that : ‘if you can’t stay away then proceed with caution’


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