The Wheelchair Guy (2018)

He is handsome alright,

Charming perhaps,

With an infectious smile,

And loud laughter with a happy face,

He lights up the room,

He may be intelligent and wise,

He is humble and kind,

And his name is Charles

Yet they have always known him

 As the guy on a wheelchair,

The one who lives by the corner,


Sometimes fast, sometimes slowly,

He wheels his chair,

His hands accustomed to the grip of the wheels,

Now used to the cold tough steel,

As he know just how much to lift,

To drift and shift,

Just to pass by a ditch, pavement or a raised platform,

Falling off and injuries,

Is but another day in office,

And he will often laugh about them

For the wheelchair guy


Up mountains down valleys he goes

And so is his life in this chair,

As some do smile at him as he passes by,

And others frown least he is contagious,

There are those who get him coins,

Perhaps as it customary

And others stare in amazement and ask,

Does he smile and laugh?

Oooh he does talk and can read !

Then there is the ever apologetic ones,

Ready with the word “sorry”

Even for passing by him,

And he has learnt to live by them,

As he is the wheelchair guy