Flower in my yard (2016)

As a beautiful flower in the yard,

I saw you sprout so beautifully,

Like a beautiful flower,

I saw your petal glow,

Slowly I watched you come to life,

Yet today you tell me am just a boy,

Not man enough for you,

As you run with the big dogs,

The ones with the big cars


As a little flower in the yard,

I protected you with love,

I cared for you,

With my little air water and warmth,

Now that you have grown so beautifully,

And they see you walking down the street,

You see me as just a gardener,

You have told them that am just a friend

As you roll with the big dogs,

The ones with the big money


As a flower in the yard,

I took off the weeds,

And gave you the needs

With the little I had,

I took you to school,

As I saw the person in you,

But today you tell me to go away,

And mind my business,

As you roll with the big dogs,

The ones with the big bungalows



I can only be sad,

And say goodbye,

For my flower in the yard,

As unknown to you,

Someday the petals will fall off,

And you will dry out

But what kind of fruit will you make?

Now that she is rolling with the big dogs

The ones who fly in choppers,

And dine in fancy places,

Can only wish you the best,

My once pretty flower in the yard


Author: Poetic Fountain

Ouma Kizito Ajuong is a poet in Nairobi, Kenya. He tells the African narrative through this interesting wave of rhime, word play, and poetry. his interest in poetry started when he was still a young boy in his early days at primary level education, where he found an artistic touch of story telling. He creates this platform to spin the wheels of African Culture, fairy tales, beauty and prestige through poetry while keeping up with modernity. Poetic Fountain; Like the purity and sanctity of a river, the fountain flows. Bringing with it novelty like never before, a poetic blend of the classical and modern style of writing while telling the African story through different themes and maintaining the educative value and purity of poetry

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