Mama Taught Me

Mama taught me love,

And in my heart I have,

 As she held me in her arms,

And moved me with her charms,


Mama taught me respect,

Told me to respect and not to elect,

The young and the old,

All in one fold,


Mama taught me service,

And told me to love it,

As she told me to help those in need,

And always with speed,


Mama taught me humility,

As a way to my ability,

To be big I must be small,

To fly I must crawl,


Mama taught me belief,

And relief,

To give myself a chance even through hell,

For later I will have the tale to tell,


 Mama taught me honesty,

As it goes with the velocity.

To always be truthful

And faithful




One thought on “Mama Taught Me

  1. Keep them coming Kizito, they are so inspiring…. I just hope that even a small population gets to read this wonderful pieces of artistry…your message of love , humility and respect for other is quite loud and clear


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