Still Slaves {2019}

We would like to call ourselves free men and women,

Tell our children of the great songs of freedom,

Resonate with the sounds and drums of liberation,

But the truth is we are still slaves in our land,

Gone are our colonizers and the white supremacists,

But we replaced them with black slave owners,

To take and break as they want and feel like,

Years down the lines we are still slaves,


We call ourselves independent and sing to our national tune,

Yet we are still slaves,

Of a Government systems that demands and never gives,

An education system that is meant to drain the youth,

Politicians with rhetoric’s and very little to give as solutions,

We are still slaves of fruitless periodic elections,

Yes we are still slaves to disease and mediocre healthcare systems,

Years down the line we are still slaves,


We fought for human dignity and pride,

And said the white man divided us so as to rule us,

Yet we are still slaves to the very tribalism we fought,

We elect thieves and murders in Government just to satisfy tribal supremacy,

We easily go to war and shed blood for political egos,

We are slaves to corruption and impunity and they dare play propaganda,

Corrupt and inadequate police and security systems,

As we have let the politician play the supremacy card,

Years down the line we are still slaves,


Years on we are still fighting disease and ignorance,

Still building roads and hospitals on paper,

We are still slaves to poverty and inhuman treatment,

We like to talk bad about them,

But we are still slaves to the white people and Asians,

We are still happy to marginalize women, youth persons with disabilities,

We are still slaves like the kitchen Negro settle for crams,

And the field Negro toiling in the sun

Years down the line… we are still slaves



One thought on “Still Slaves {2019}

  1. Slaves we are for sure…neoconialism is slowly but surely taking over.If we aren’t careful we won’t have a country to call home…nice piece of work once more Kizito.


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