Speechless 2019

I am speechless

With words chocking me down my throat,

But speechless,

A mixture of bitterness and pity,

And none wants to give way,

These girls who have fought so much,

To get space in a patriarchal society,

Are  yet again objectified

They dress and look like dolls just to please men,

And they are convinced that they are queens,

Or is it slay…queens


I am speechless

And I will speak with tears in my eyes,

For the mother who takes her daughter to  school,

So that she can be empowered

Only to be swept away by the power of material things,

For the father who looks at his daughter as his pride,

Only to get aside and a sponsor’s ride,

And get so convinced that fake nails and painted lips,

Have made her royalty,

Or should I say…. Slay queen


I am speechless

And I can only watch as tables turn,

And sponsor seem to be the way to go for young girls,

Aren’t they the sugar daddy’s of yesterday?

Now made fancy and I guess acceptable,

But where are the women leaders?

Where are the women mentors who claim to be feminists?

To tell them that big behinds and light faces is not royalty

Oh yes I remain speechless


But my thoughts are wild,

And I can’t get why respectable men

Some even leaders should behave like dogs,

I mean literal dogs,

I want it so I will have it mentality,

I am a man and can’t keep it in my pants fatality,

Perhaps it’s about money and power,

But I don’t think they see these girls as royalty

Or should I say… slay queens


One thought on “Speechless 2019

  1. Beautiful and captivating lines, the theme is quite clear, of the recent girl child behavioural exploitation and the traumatized community at large. I would refer it as the “Bewitching Of 21st Century Girls”


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