I AM TOLD (2019)

I am told,

That black is no longer beauty,

That in those days of Instagram and snap chat,

A lighter shed carried the day,

And the answer is cosmetics,

Those that will make her lighter,

Enough to get the likes and the approval of men,

And it doesn’t matter

if at the end she will look like a burn victim

Or a stripped zebra,

Just as long as she is beautiful


I am told,

In words so bold,

That the ones with the big behinds are the beautiful ones,

In those days of socialites

When a woman’s body was good business

And the answers to cosmetics,

Injections to sometimes pump them up,

It doesn’t matter 

Those things may not be propositional,

Or that sometimes there are health risks

As long as they are beautiful


I am told,

That is all about Red lips,

Make up even before they wake up,

In those days of selfies

For them to colour their eye lids purple,

And lashes green,

As long as they conform to the standards of the day

And it doesn’t matter

Whether at the end she looks more like a scare craw,

As long as she is beautiful


I am told

That it’s about big boobs,

In those days of Facebook,

When a woman’s beauty was about her chest

And so she will go for surgery

So as to please the men

To hell with the risks and side effects

And it never matters that she is playing the hand of God

As long as she is beautiful


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