Sweet Adora (2016)

My heart beats for you,

Sweet Adore,

Every beat,

Spells thy name,

Sweet sweet Adora,

But will you ever know?

As every time I try to say,

I get tongue tied,

My heart beats louder,

My pores open up,

And I can’t just say it,

For fear of the unknown,


I see you in my dreams,

Amongst the cream,

Holding my hand

And confessing your love,

But will you ever see it

In my gentle eyes

As I look at you with admiration,

Will you ever see it in my eyes?

As they give me away,

 I can’t say it,

For the fear of the unknown


I laugh at the thought of you,

Sweet Adore,

Keep your memories close,

Sweet sweet Adora,

But will you ever feel it,

The touch of my love,

When am close to you,

Will you ever feel,

The air of love around us,

Sweet Adora,

For I may not bring myself to tell you,

For fear of the unknown


I yearn for you,

Sweet Adora,


Author: Poetic Fountain

Ouma Kizito Ajuong is a poet in Nairobi, Kenya. He tells the African narrative through this interesting wave of rhime, word play, and poetry. his interest in poetry started when he was still a young boy in his early days at primary level education, where he found an artistic touch of story telling. He creates this platform to spin the wheels of African Culture, fairy tales, beauty and prestige through poetry while keeping up with modernity. Poetic Fountain; Like the purity and sanctity of a river, the fountain flows. Bringing with it novelty like never before, a poetic blend of the classical and modern style of writing while telling the African story through different themes and maintaining the educative value and purity of poetry

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