I promised the proverbial milk and honey,

And days not cold but sunny,

I promised a water fall in a land so arid

And hope to the many so worried,

But it was a myth,

And so I plead the fifth


Freedom freedom I called,

The rhetoric I told,

The speech,

For the poor and the rich,

I was an advocate before a judge,

And so I ask you to have no grudge,

As my promise was a myth,

And so I plead the fifth


Education with dedication, I said,

To your weakness I prayed,

When called for I played tribe,

But many times I smiled with a bribe,

And if it got down to the teeth,

I would plead the fifth


I was a pastor before a congregation,

All I did was reconstruction,

I had to make you smile,

And so perfected the style,

Yet I knew all these was a myth

Today I plead the fifth


When you put me on the stand,

I will not defend my brand,

I will lie through my teeth

Or plead the fifth,

Yet as blind as a bat you will never see,

And never be free


The goose and the golden egg,

Yet for food you beg,

When you trade your power for tribe,

Or bribe,

I will wait,

For you to take the bait,

And so goes the a myth,

I will plead the fifth


















I imagine it all green,

Creamy and very clean,

A land of milk and lots of honey,

With plenty of gold silver and money,


I hope it isn’t dry,

Guess we won’t have to cry,

A land with no sorrow,

And no worries for tomorrow,


On the other side is there hatred?

Or dependence on fates thread,

Oh yes plenty of joy,

You may never need the toys


I imagine there are no wars,

Or even the need of laws,

But is there blame?

Or even share?


Do people get hungry?

Do they on the other side disagree and get angry?

When my days on earth come to an end,

Happy days on the other side hope will spend.


  1. Did I say love?

You are all I have,

Without whom I would starve,

For you my Amina am here to serve


  1. Rehema my coastal beauty,

The one so fruity and juicy,

I do feel so guilty,

For I don’t deserve that cutie.


  1. The future is bright,

Khadijah your love is so right,

For you I cry all night,

Would you take care of my plight?


  1. Halima you are my pillar

For you I’d even be a killer,

And faithfully your driller,

I even don’t mind being called a failure.


  1. Sweet Sandra there is hope,

For our love let’s elope,

Without you I wouldn’t cope,

And my heart beat would stop.


  1. Remember the sweet love we made in March,

Lovely Zainabu lets go for lunch,

Then make out during branch,

For I can’t wait for your soft touch.


  1. Oh my beautiful Mary,

I will take you to the ferry,

So that we can make merry,

Just as we say “I do” and marry.



I will smile then laugh,

Just enough,

My heart will beat faster,

Then the laughter,

When I see you again,

By the train


When I see you again,

By the train,

I will tell you of my dream,

By the stream,

Holding your hands,

Feeling your hair strands,


When I see you again,

By the train,

I will look deep into your eyes,

And with no lies,

Profess my love,

Deep from my heart and nerve,

When I see you again,

By the train


But will I see you again?

By the train,

To feel your soft pillowy skin,

That makes my head spin,

To hold,

In cold,


When I see you again,

By the train,

I will never let go,

For I know,

That you are mine,

And so fine,




Hey little puppy.

Curled and getting nappy,

Would you like to play?

Run and go astray,

Would you like to jump?

And run along the stump?

Would like you like to climb the tree,

And feel free?

Would you like to hunt?

As you want,


Hey little brat cat,

Go away if you are smart,

Can’t play with a little kitten,

Daddy said “It is written”

Dogs and cats can never work,

That is why we bark

And you don’t,

We guard and you won’t,

I will run on my own

Play with the bone

Besides my mother does not like you,

My brothers and sisters hate you too,



Hey puppy buddy,

Why getting ruddy,

What is the matter?

We both feed on milk and butter,

I am smaller but we are both on fours

We all enjoy the shores,

We know the good and the bad,

Sometimes get happy other times sad,

I might be black you white but it’s all fur

When bruised we both feel the pain and we get the scar

And what’s the color of our blood?


And the shape of our hearts,



No man, you are a kitten,

And it is written,

Besides, we can’t pretend,

You can never be my friend

Where do you spend your night?


I in the cold

While you in warmth you fold,

We are not the same,

From the cats you came

And I to the dog belong,


To be continued….



  1. Mother, precious mother,

A good wife to my father,

Mother my beloved mother,

A jewel to my sister and brother,


  1. Mother, the beat of my heart,

My beautiful mother, you I will never hurt,

Your beautiful smile each day will start,

Your gentle hands to keep me from the dirt,


  1. From your bossom I found life,

My first words “mama” I chanted with strife,

Held me with the word “tata” as I took my first steps in life,

Without you mother, I would be nothing in this life,


  1. From your hands I took my food,

You taught me to be kind not rude,

Protected us my lovely mother, tall you stood,

Then taught me to know the good the bad and even the crude.


  1. In trouble I cry your name,

Never of me have you been in shame,

When I was down to my rescue you came,

Beautiful mother you’re an angel all the same.




Twinkle twinkle little star, bouncing in joy,

He’s appropriately the source of my joy,

Most definitely my soul and boy,

 I will name him after my father Roy.


Hey, did you see that tight grip?

His angelic smile hope he’ll keep,

As he comes to the world I’ll never want him to weep,

But he must know how to hop, step jump and even leap.


Every step in his life will be mine delight,

With my persistent voice he won’t despite,

My stories and songs to cuddle him at night,

For he’s my prince, my son, my light.


I can’t wait to hear him call “daddy”,

Or even the times he’ll get all muddy,

And ask for sweets and candy,

Though am afraid he’ll get so canny,



I will always be proud of him, he’s my son,

Teach him that the good must always be done,

If he makes mistakes from them he must turn,

And always have the will to learn,


Did I say homework, always be there,

To teach him the alphabet with a glare,

To help him write his name for I care,

And in times of trouble and sorrow I will share.


At teenage he must glide,

For that’s a big tide,

With the ups and downs as part of the ride,

Always be by his side.



Look at that birds beautiful nest,

He must hard to be the best,

Never worry what thinketh the rest,

But in life be ready to take the test.