Tears down my cheeks,

Fear down my spine,

As I see him shut down,

Slowly die off,


A baby I carried in my womb,

Going away from my grip,

As I watch powerless,

Breast milk for no baby

Only a crown,

Crown of sorrow

I carry the crown with me,

Of not seeing my parents,

Mother having given out at child birth,

And father just a year later,

While they don’t speak it out.

They think it,

Calling me a curse,

As that’s why I am alone in this world,

Sad and tormented,

With no one to protect and shield me,

Like a seed thrown amongst weeds to grow

Crowned to be know

Seen from a far,

Some call me the town beggar.

Others know me as just a mad man

And between the two I can’t tell,

As I am not sure of the next meal,

Never known the warmth of a blanket

And before you ask I did chose this,

Life picked me,

And gave me this crown to carry,

To leave like a hyena in the wild

I was made a woman before my time,

By uncle of course,

Then by Mommy’s guest,

Who said they wanted it young and fresh,

And she nodded as soon as they opened their wallets,

So today I have the crown,

For all to see,

I have learnt to give and not feel.

I have taken the pain,

And the scorn of men and women alike,

Who can’t see my pain,

Ignore my tears and fears

As so I am crowned

Here is my crown,

Some call me the drunkard,

Others say I am a pill pauper,

As I find joy in the needles,

A bit of powder in my blood and it is done,

A bottle of Ram,

Or a puff of weed,

And when they see me

They laugh and condemn me,

To more hell than God must have,

They can never see my pain,

My needs,

All they want to see is my crown


Stupid Cupid (2015)

Stupid cupid,

For my stupid heart,

A heart that beats for you,

That loves eternally,

Stupid cupid,

For my foolish eyes,

That saw you from a distance,

And fell hopeless in love with you,

Undeniable love,

Stupid cupid,

For my crazy mind,

Filled with thoughts of you,

The sweet memories of the day we met

My last first love,

And as it was so I am,

 Still stupidly in love,

As stupid as cupid,

Longing for your warm embrace,

Waiting for your sweet smile,

Living for your beautiful face,

As I desire your sweet voice

Always music to my hears

 And through the hills and mountain,

Valleys and hills,

Darkness and light, good and bad,

Red and purple,

 Our girls turned to women

And boys to men,

I am still stupid cupid,

Foolish for your love,

Till death…

Blame it on Eve (2016)

Have you heard him?

Cream, blame it on Eve,

Believe, she was at fault,

Volt, and so we always,

Always blame on the eve,

Deceive; I failed as the teacher was bad,

Sad, was late because of traffic,

Magic, I sinned because of the devil,

Evil, and so it is always on him not me,

See, I blame it on eve

We lost because of the goal keeper,

Steeper, I drunk because of peer pressure,

Pleasure, I cheated because it is the norm,

Storm, I sleep with random men.

As my mother didn’t teach me

See, I blame it on Eve

My son died because of the doctor,

Shocker, we are poor because of the government,

Ornament, I am bad because I was not loved,

Reserved, I hit him because he provoked me,

See, can’t do this work, feeling sick,

Meek, can’t wake in the morning it’s too cold

 Fold, I blame it on Eve

Grieve, I blame it on Eve.


I write,

And ask you not to love me,

I ask you not to laugh at my jokes,

Don’t look at me with your tender eyes,

For if you do,

I will love you,

Never to stop,

Throwing my heart

 Into the shackles of love,

I write,

And ask you to ignore me,

Don’t answer my calls,

Neither reply to my letters

For if you do,

I will find solace in your words,

I will see kindness in your actions

And I will love you,

Never to stop,

Throwing my little heart

Into the shackles of love

I write,

And ask you,

Not to fall for my words,

Not to take my promises,

Don’t listen to my heartbeat,

For if you do,

I will love you,

With fire and desire,

Never let you go,

And so,

Throwing my heart to the jackals

The jackals of love

I write,

And ask you to refuse my dates,

I don’t want you to play hard to get,

I want me to be stubborn,

I want you to have weaknesses,

Because if you are perfect,

As you are,

I will love you,

Like the tide loves the sea,

Never to let you go,

Never to forget you,

Throwing my heart into the jungle,

The dangerous jungle of love

I write,

Against my will I write,

And ask you not to love me,

So that you can always be,

The special one who went away,

Only to be imaged

Never throwing my heart,

Into the shackles of love

Gold to Hold (2015)

1 She is the beauty of beauties,

A queen,

A princess,

A sight to behold,

She’s Gold to hold,

2,  Her dark Chocolate skin,

Her white milky teeth,

Punctuated with an affluent gap,

Her round and beautiful face,

Her beautiful brown eyes,

Indeed a sight to behold,

Even in cold,

Gold to hold

3,   Her red tender lips,

And her corn- shaped hips,

Not to forget her sharp pointed breasts,


Greatly endowed downs stairs,

Alas! A perfect creation of God,

From the cradle of mankind,

A beauty to be hold,

Gold to hold

The Village Boy

With muscles and height I adored,

His teeth I adored,

White as snow I dare say,

His heart as pure as a baby’s

A warrior amongst the warriors,

For his people he knew to defend

Strange how he gazed

Like the future he knew for sure,

He, my dear friend was the village boy


Hatred and Anger he knew not,

A smile he always had,

For today he could say

Was the only surety he had

My dear friend I tell you,

His voice was music to my heart,

Many adored his steps

For he moved with grace,

And he knew no race


With sadness he laid to rest

The fallen heroes he called them,

Love he preached for friends and foes,

I tell you, he walked in humility,

Strangely he walked in sovereignty,

How I wish I would be near him,

His hand in mine he would lay

The village boy my friend,

Was sweeping the village

And cleaning the households,

Of its dust and filth


Do you understand my friend?

That which I try to say,

Of whom I speak

Yes the village boy

He who brought love peace and joy,

But he who the village showed pain

Oh! How I wonder so

For I looked at his eyes

When they matched him off the streets,

To the village square,

Oh! How I wonder so


When I looked at his bruised back,

When he was lashed,

Before the women and children,

Stop I wanted to say,

But fear,

Oh my dear friend,


I tell you my friend,

For this was the village boy,

The one I adored

The one I cared for,

Do you understand my friend,

Of whom I speak of

Yes my friend,

He was the village boy


 By: Beatrice A. Ouma

















The Dance

Often waits for the dark,

For the spark,

Many times at dawn,

When the desire is born,

Begins with the beat,

Beat by beat but not in street,

Louder it gets,

Slowly it wets,

Together they dance,

Pleasure in chance,


And steeper,

Up and down,

For the white and brown,


With no measure,

Then it is done,

In minutes gone,