My Mistress (2019)

I don’t know about you but I love my mistress

Unlike my wife she listens and doesn’t judge,

She doesn’t badge or hold a grudge,

And so she let me speak it out or even shout,

Let me drawn my sorrows for today and tomorrow

She is fine with my pain and stain

But she also listens to my joys and let me share my victories,


I don’t know about you but I love my mistress,

My confidant and comfort in times of distress,

She is not after making a good man of me,

But she thrives in making a honest man of me,

She is ok with the angels and demons in me

She is ok with the man so strong but sometimes weak

She is also ok with the human in me


I don’t know about you but I love my mistress,

She doesn’t pretend to love me but she cares

And it is never her but about me,

One or two rounds and she get me in the mood,

The feeling of ecstasy like a chain in my brain,

And I feel like a king as she is my queen,

As I forget about tomorrow and yesterday


I don’t know about you but really love my mistress

She helps me unwind and takes away the stress and mess

She let me laugh my heart out and be happy and scrappy

She is my side kick or should you say my psychic

And what a therapist she is as she takes me from realities of life

I would kill for those moments together we steal,

As I really, really love my mistress


Mama Taught Me

Mama taught me love,

And in my heart I have,

 As she held me in her arms,

And moved me with her charms,


Mama taught me respect,

Told me to respect and not to elect,

The young and the old,

All in one fold,


Mama taught me service,

And told me to love it,

As she told me to help those in need,

And always with speed,


Mama taught me humility,

As a way to my ability,

To be big I must be small,

To fly I must crawl,


Mama taught me belief,

And relief,

To give myself a chance even through hell,

For later I will have the tale to tell,


 Mama taught me honesty,

As it goes with the velocity.

To always be truthful

And faithful




Anywhere else she would worry,

But not here,

Here she is comfortable,

In these four walls she is the lioness,

So she sinks into her sit,

Takes a pen and a piece of paper,

After a sigh of relief she is ready to write about it,

Toxic love,

The kind that comes when you love too much,

Over the seas and above the sky,

 Love that breaks your heart into pieces,

The kind that gets into your soul,

And makes you crawl,


Anywhere else she would be silent,

Afraid to speak her mind,

Let her thought out,

But not here,

Here is the sharp voice of reason,

And she is talking about it,

Toxic love,

The kind that gives you pain

Pain that strikes your chest,

And drains happiness from you

One look at your once beloved and suddenly,

 There is a force squeezing your heart,

And she calls it Toxic love


Any other day she wouldn’t go through this,

But not today,

Today she is fearless

As fearless as a strong-winged Eagle

And so she will fly

Through her memories about it,

Toxic love,

The kinds with fears and tears,

Rivers of tears flowing as your eyes melt

At the thought of your beloved

Sleepless nights,

Tossing and turning,

As you embrace the cold lonely night,

And at dawn,

It feels like a hangover,

As the heavy headache and stomach aches won’t let go

Toxic love

That makes you sick


Another sign of relief,

This time  as if affirming her supremacy,

As she is finally talking about it,

Toxic love,

The kind that breads anger

When your beloved finds happiness in others,

And refuses to see you,

The green jealous,

When your beloved is talking to them,

No one should ever touch even a stand of hair of your beloved


The more she thinks,

The more she gets it

Toxic love,

The kind that makes you want to spend all the time,

Spend all your money,

Sell your kidney or even liver,

Just to give to the one you love,

Toxic love,


She however takes a pause,

Is there true unconditional love?

What is life without love?

For as much it is empty it is gratifying,

As much as it is painful there is joy,

There may be tears but also laughter,

As true love is toxic



Peris Gakii & Kizito Ajuong



By the word I took a chance,

For the word I liked her from a glance,

Asked for a dance,

And promised her a date to Paris in France,


By the word I saw her eyes so bright,

For the word I held her in my arm so tight,

With the world I felt so right,

And smiled with delight,

It is the word that at times rewards,

It is the word of all words,

But many times it hurts inwards,


By the word I felt her lips on mine,

For the word by with me she agreed to dine

With the words that night she looked so fine,


By the word forever I would serve,

For the word it’s her I deserve,

For the word is love.


Flower in my yard (2016)

As a beautiful flower in the yard,

I saw you sprout so beautifully,

Like a beautiful flower,

I saw your petal glow,

Slowly I watched you come to life,

Yet today you tell me am just a boy,

Not man enough for you,

As you run with the big dogs,

The ones with the big cars


As a little flower in the yard,

I protected you with love,

I cared for you,

With my little air water and warmth,

Now that you have grown so beautifully,

And they see you walking down the street,

You see me as just a gardener,

You have told them that am just a friend

As you roll with the big dogs,

The ones with the big money


As a flower in the yard,

I took off the weeds,

And gave you the needs

With the little I had,

I took you to school,

As I saw the person in you,

But today you tell me to go away,

And mind my business,

As you roll with the big dogs,

The ones with the big bungalows



I can only be sad,

And say goodbye,

For my flower in the yard,

As unknown to you,

Someday the petals will fall off,

And you will dry out

But what kind of fruit will you make?

Now that she is rolling with the big dogs

The ones who fly in choppers,

And dine in fancy places,

Can only wish you the best,

My once pretty flower in the yard

This Man (2016)

I wish I were brave,

With courage to face every day,

To always do the right thing,

Courage to fight for what I want,

To fight for those I love,

I wish I had the courage

To condemn wrong,

And stand for right,

Even though I try,

I know that at times I am afraid,

Afraid to fail,

Afraid to face the day,

I am afraid to die,

Or to lose those I love

This man I wish I were


I wish I were humble,

Had humility and not pride,

Humble enough to listen more,

And talk less,

Wish I was humble enough,

To appreciate those who do the little they do,

To criticize less,

And praise more,

But even though I try,

I sometimes let my pride out,

I am not humble enough to listen,

To admit my weaknesses,

But I wish it was different,


As this man, I wish I were


I wish I had love,

Shining in my heart,

To care and share for all,

To see the good in every soul,

I wish I could love,

And not judge,

Love enough,

To help when I can,

I wish I could love

And not envy,

But even though I try,

Sometimes I hate,

Sometimes I love others more,

I envy,

And feel jealous,

But I wish it was different


I wish I were patient,

Patient enough to wait on success,

To guide and teach,


Not to give up on,

My brother and sister,

Slow to anger,

Even though I try,

Sometimes I am in impatient,

Have lost,

In those I guide,


Been angry,

At the world,

At myself

But I wish it was different,


This is the man I wish I were


I wish I were perfect,

A man of no fault,

Excellent at my work,

With a perfect wife,

Family and children,

Even though I try,

Sometimes I make mistake,

I have my weaknesses,

Sometimes the people I love fail me,

But I Wish it was different


I wish to be faithful,

To God and to man,

To follow His teachings and ways,

I wish to be in fellowship with God,

To be a faithful friend,


And even though I try,

Sometimes I fail Him,

In my deeds and thoughts,

Knowing and Unknowing,

Sometimes I have betrayed my friends,

But I wish it was different,


I wish I could do good,

Give people a chance,

I wish I could be a patriot,

A man who loves his country,

Would hate corruption,

And seek integrity in government,

I wish I could deal in hope,

But even though I try,


This is the man I try to be

Sometimes I have felt hopeless,

At the progress of my people,

I have lost faith in the leadership

How I wish it was different


As this is the man I wish I were

Boy in a Girl’s Generation (2015)

I am a boy,

A boy.

In a girl generation,

And here are my tribulations


Daddy told me ‘Not to hit Girls”

And Mummy Said “they are as precious as pearls”

But what if they hit first?

Must I curl and not hit back?

As I watch them,

In laughter, they will all burst,

At how weak a man I am,

I am a boy,

A boy in a girl’s generation


They just have to smile,

Just for a while,

Or move their heaps

Through the steep,

And the world down will bow,

While I toil,

And boil,

As I am a boy,

A boy,

In a  girl’s generation


My money is mine and yours is ours,

So I  have been told,

I will keep my name even though we are married,

So they say,

We will only have it when am in the mood

And so I  nod my head,

And you must pay the bills, clean the house, cook and even carry her hand bags,

In the name of love,

As I am a boy,

A boy born in a girl’s generation


Where is the equality?

When the song is on the girl child

And the boy is curled?

Appears a crime for a boy

To be born in this girl generation